Ciara Is A Dancing Machine While Performing “Gimme Dat” On ‘Ellen’

Ciara killed it this morning on Ellen, whipping out a super tight and totally intense performance of her lead Basic Instinct single, “Gimme Dat“. Though she’s been busting moves on the talk show circuit, there’s nothing quite like seeing her bring it for a full song. (Even if she forgot her stiletto Chucks at home.) Watch Ci-Ci get quite a workout by hopping below.

Ciara – “Gimme Dat” (Live)

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  • RYK101

    hmmm i don’t like to correct people but you got a few mistakes here, Gimmie Dat isn’t her lead single it’s the third, the lead was “Ride” with Ludacris and the second was speechless

    and her album is out now, it dropped on December 14
    and i’m not a fan of hers

    just stating some facts

    • Becky Bain

      Thanks dude/dudette – “Ride” came out so long ago, I completely forgot about it! And as for the release date, I have no excuses other than I mixed her up with Keri Hilson. Would I be the first?

  • Dan

    WOW! She nailed this!!

  • RYK101

    oo you’re welcome (i’m a dude lol)

    and yeah i know it was pushed back so many times we forgot about it
    i’m not buying it anyways nor downloading it xD maybe this song and turn it up with usher