Kelly Clarkson Performs New Song “You Still Won’t Know What It’s Like”

Kelly Clarkson was on the bill for benefit acoustic concert A Night For Hope in Nashville last night, and — squee! — the singer performed a new song, “You Still Won’t Know What It’s Like.” Not only is the track single-worthy already, Clarkson once again proved she’s got one of the best voices in pop. Jump below to listen!

“You haven’t seen the ghost that I’ve seen / You haven’t lived enough to know what I mean,” sings Kelly on this sad-but-strong ballad, produced by Jason Halbert. (He also produced Kelly’s angry 2007 single “Never Again.”) And that belt at 3:12! If ears could smile, ours would be grinning ear to, uh, ear.

We’re assuming this will be on Kelly’s upcoming album (coming out not soon enough), but as she previously tweeted back in October, “We’re gonna have way too many songs to pick from ….and that part sucks.”

We hope she picks “You Still Don’t Know What It’s Like”, because we like it! And we’re sure you Clarkson fans out there do, too, but feel free to tell us how much in the comments.

  • Natali

    I ♥ Kelly and I ♥ this song. New.Album.Soon.Please.

  • music fan

    The new song is great, can’t wait for her new album. Oh Jason Halbert didn’t co-write “Never Again”, Kelly’s former guitarist Jimmy Messer was the one who Kelly co-wrote “Never Again” with her. :)

    • Becky Bain

      Ah! I meant co-produced. My bad. Changing now – and thanks!

  • Marian

    Hoping this song will be on her new album. She is the epitome of a great singer. So much emotion put into this song. Can’t wait for her new music to get here!!!

  • Michael

    Why is she so amazing!? I just love it!

  • music fan

    Yeah, no problem. Welcome! :)

  • ZMH


  • BK

    This new song is amazing – a deeply felt dose of perspective, powerfully delivered. Why isn’t Kelly singing EVERY song? I truly wish she would. Also, love it that Kelly did this benefit concert. So like her.

  • ted

    I love Kelly and love the way she sings it. Hope they do put it online for this great cause!!!

  • Alelie Bartolome

    i love the song! pls. put that song in the album! we love you kelly…