Rihanna Talks About Meeting Lady Gaga With ‘Q’ Magazine

We literally just rounded up Rihanna’s 10 hottest photo shoots of the past year, and now she’s gone and surprised us with yet another one. This time she posed for some pretty pics and sat down for an interview with Q magazine, where, among other things, she discussed meeting Santa-hating Lady Gaga. See what RiRi had to say about Billboard‘s Artist Of The Year and catch the photos from her Q shoot below. First Rihanna answered a question about whether or not she thinks Gaga has raised the stakes for other female artists.

“I try not to get too concerned by what someone else is doing in the fashion sense. I got my own ideas about that,” the Barbadian singer said. “If it’s a music innovation, then of course I wanna know all about it. But what Lady Gaga has done this year has been kind of amazing.”

Rihanna Q magazine 1Rihanna went on to describe the time she met the Grammy-nominated Fame Monster songstress: “She was cool. It was a radio show in New York, she had a little white dress with spikes and I didn’t want to get punctured by them but she’s a nice person.”

Rihanna Q Magazine 2[Via RihannaDaily.com]