Enrique Iglesias Gets Down And Really Dirty In His “Tonight (I’m Loving You)” Video

In Enrique Igleasias’ video for his lascivious new single “Tonight (I’m Loving You)”, the Spanish singer (and Linkin Park fan) lurks around an S&M club, but spends the majority of the night doing sexytimes in the restroom with a stranger. Soon enough, Enrique’s jet-setting ’round the globe to seemingly bed as many ladies as possible in the video’s five minute length. It’s like a X-rated version of The Amazing Race. The single’s title might be free from obscenities, but the clip sure isn’t — get oiled up and join Enrique in his orgy, won’t you?

Enrique Iglesias — “Tonight (I’m Loving You)”

This pretty much sums up our reaction while watching this video:


This raunch-fest is certainly better suited for the NSFW version of his single, “Tonight (I’m F***in’ You)”. Both versions are available for download on iTunes — let’s see if the naughty-titled track outsells the clean one.

And hey, why not — here’s the uncensored vid. Cover your eyes if you can’t handle the heat!