Kerli Raves In The Woods In Her “Army Of Love” Video

Estonian bubblegoth gal Kerli throws a White Party to rival Diddy’s annual bash in the new video for her single “Army Of Love.” Decked out in all white (and a few scary-cute animal masks), the singer and her moon children minion kick off a righteous outdoor assembly that doubles as the hottest rave to hit Middle Earth. Check out the video below — and keep your eyes peeled for the unicorn!

Kerli — “Army Of Love”

Head over to PopEater for a behind-the-scenes clip of the making of the video. Then shoot yourself over to for a free download of “Army Of Love”. Christmas goodies aplenty!

  • Jimmy

    Good God, I don’t know what to think of this. “Bubblegoth?” Best new genre name ever.

  • Ken Cadua

    luv it a lot….think to be her first smashing success….or I pray a lot…………it’s a very unique song….infectious…….and a great bubble goth debut song…….it rocks…… got 5/5 on my best song chart…..wo ya gotcha..

  • Joe

    Sorry it is a little late, but Bubblegoth is a new style of clothing/ music that was invented by Kerli.