Paula Abdul’s ‘Live To Dance’ Adds Yet Another Dance Show To Your TiVo

Dec 22nd, 2010 // 1 Comment

Where’s Paula Abdul been hiding these days? Why, inside a Mad Max-esque dance thunderdome in New York City for CBS’ new reality show Live To Dance, of course. When we last saw the ex-Idol judge in August, she was inviting dancers of all shapes and sizes to audition for the British spin-off with the allure of $500,000 — and the chance to be at the receiving end her, um, colorful critiques. By the looks of the trailer, come January 4th we can expect everything from child break dancers to hip hop grannies — jump below to see for yourself.

We’re looking forward to dance insights (and signature kooky commentary) from the woman who turned Janet Jackson “Nasty” — and, how could we ever forget, danced with MC Skat Kat. How do you think the show will far against rival show, So You Think You Can Dance? Will you be tuning in on January 4th? Tell us below.
  1. Samantha

    Go Paula!! I have always been a fan and think this is really exciting! I loved watching the auditions in the dance domes – were they really 90 feet and built by DomeGuys International?

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