JoJo Warns Stargazers To Get Out In New Song “Hollywood”

Ever since we caught a glimpse of the seductive video for JoJo’s track “In The Dark”, we’ve been curious for another signal of the direction she’ll be taking in her slooooooowly re-emerging pop career. So here it is: after a bitter battle with her former record label, the singer (who just turned 20) has recorded a slow piano lament called “Hollywood”. It’s a nice showcase for her soulful vocals, but is it the hit that will return her to the stardrom of her early teens? Hear it below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”JoJo – Hollywood” dl=”0″] “Do you have a heart at all?” she asks, running through a fairly familiar list of the troubles young dreamers encounter upon their arrival in La-La Land. Her vocals are dripping with the frustration of having lost years of her career to business disputes. But the song itself doesn’t deliver the impact of her best work.

JoJo seems to be taking the leak in stride, but we wish she’d reveal a bit more about where this song fits in to her new creative vision. We liked the minimalism of “In The Dark” and the bubblegum R&B of jams like “Can’t Take That Away From Me”, so we’re hoping that “Hollywood” doesn’t indicate that she plans to focus too much on dark balladry. She’s too young to record her Rated R, isn’t she?

There’s no doubt Hollywood can be cruel, especially to those who run out of hits.