Katy Perry Phones Home On The “E.T.” Remix

Katy Perry is due to drop another single from her Grammy-nominated hit album Teenage Dream sometime soon (we hope, anyway), and although we expect the cheeky “Peacock” to be next on her schedule, we first get a remix of “E.T.”, a middling sorta-techno ode to falling in love with a space creature. (Wonder where she came up with that?) British rapper Tinie Tempah makes it a remix by dropping a mostly unintelligible verse near the end. Blast off below!

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Katy-Perry-feat.-Tinie-Tempah-E.T.-_Official-Remix_.mp3" text="Katy Perry feat. Tinie Tempah - E.T. (Remix)" dl="0"]

Hopefully this one’s just for the clubs (we’re pretty sure that cover art is fan made, too), leaving Perry to get to work on a new music video so we can see her peacock-cock-cock, her peacock-cock.

What do you think of this remix to “E.T.”? And what song do you want the sultry chameleon-like pop star to next drop as a single?

  • LMG

    justs validates the point of “what the -?!”

    if she was going for her fans to once again not be able to understand a word that comes out of her mouth – it is successful. if she was going for her fans to think this had a great techno beat – it was unsuccessful. if she was going for her fans to have fun with the lyrics, I will refer you to the NOT understand anything she says part – it was unsuccessful. if she was going for her fans to have a chance to hear something new from her, she should have not used the same sound as most of the other ‘songs’ on this album – it was unsuccessful.

    the song made no sense, the beat was lame, the singing was horrible, just all around – YUCK!

  • hktay

    -1st of all her FANS were the ones to choose it!

    -2nd of all you write like your not a fan but you know she can’t speak properly???

    -And 3rd if you hate her sooo much why listen to her music???

    Yes people can have opinions but don’t contradict yourself…..

  • laura

    I can understand everything she sang :) ha! its quite addictive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ken-Cadua/100000111075572 Ken Cadua

    eew,,,,,,,,what the…………its horrible………better the original version…………
    if they dont want peacock as single…..its better to release last friday night…………
    trust me……i know nice music…….

  • hktay

    Your soooooo right… Last Friday Night would have been sooo much better than this….