Katy Perry Phones Home On The “E.T.” Remix

Dec 27th, 2010 // 5 Comments

Katy Perry is due to drop another single from her Grammy-nominated hit album Teenage Dream sometime soon (we hope, anyway), and although we expect the cheeky “Peacock” to be next on her schedule, we first get a remix of “E.T.”, a middling sorta-techno ode to falling in love with a space creature. (Wonder where she came up with that?) British rapper Tinie Tempah makes it a remix by dropping a mostly unintelligible verse near the end. Blast off below!

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Katy-Perry-feat.-Tinie-Tempah-E.T.-_Official-Remix_.mp3" text="Katy Perry feat. Tinie Tempah - E.T. (Remix)" dl="0"]

Hopefully this one’s just for the clubs (we’re pretty sure that cover art is fan made, too), leaving Perry to get to work on a new music video so we can see her peacock-cock-cock, her peacock-cock.

What do you think of this remix to “E.T.”? And what song do you want the sultry chameleon-like pop star to next drop as a single?


  1. LMG

    justs validates the point of “what the -?!”

    if she was going for her fans to once again not be able to understand a word that comes out of her mouth – it is successful. if she was going for her fans to think this had a great techno beat – it was unsuccessful. if she was going for her fans to have fun with the lyrics, I will refer you to the NOT understand anything she says part – it was unsuccessful. if she was going for her fans to have a chance to hear something new from her, she should have not used the same sound as most of the other ‘songs’ on this album – it was unsuccessful.

    the song made no sense, the beat was lame, the singing was horrible, just all around – YUCK!

  2. hktay

    -1st of all her FANS were the ones to choose it!

    -2nd of all you write like your not a fan but you know she can’t speak properly???

    -And 3rd if you hate her sooo much why listen to her music???

    Yes people can have opinions but don’t contradict yourself…..

  3. laura

    I can understand everything she sang :) ha! its quite addictive.

  4. eew,,,,,,,,what the…………its horrible………better the original version…………
    if they dont want peacock as single…..its better to release last friday night…………
    trust me……i know nice music…….

  5. hktay

    Your soooooo right… Last Friday Night would have been sooo much better than this….

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