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  • festie

    i think she looks fantastic in these photos but id be willing to bet these are older then we think. some of her recent pictures point to one of two things(maybe even both).
    1. she is having problems with her hormone levels. to much testosterone in her system causing the thickening of her nose and brow. and possibly even the rumors of her turning into a sex crazed bi-sexual.
    2. this is indeed a body double
    either way, i think she looks a helluva lot better then she did in the closet pics. this is the girl i wanna see naked.

  • Kyle

    It looks like he photoshopped her to make her look like Anna Kournikova……

  • Jim

    Christina is a very beautiful woman, is very classy, and can outsing them all !!!!

  • Dane

    Christina has always been a beautiful woman and every pic ive eger seen her in she gorgeous
    But to tue comment a few above a sex crazed bi sexual so all bisexual are just complete hoes who will due anyone who walk not tru calm down with the sterotype and did u guys see her on britians got talent she beautiful as ever the bionic look was fake the burlesque look was fake this is the REAL christina aguilera and ni matter what personna she is persueing her voice puts her on top and makes her a star shes is truly amazing talented luv her 4 eva