Jennifer Hudson Makes Oprah Cry At The Kennedy Center Honors

While other artists were giving it up for music icon Paul McCartney at the 33rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors, you’d forget that Oprah Winfrey was also being honored in D.C. the same night. (Which marks maybe the first time in history Oprah was upstaged by someone else.) But Forbes‘ highest-earning celebrity of 2010 was given one amazing tribute by Jennifer Hudson, who came out in a gorgeous dress (and new svelte figure) to sing “I’m Here”, from the Oprah-produced Broadway show The Color Purple. Watch J-Hud make Oprah tear up below.

Sorry, we just have a little something in our eye… okay, we’re near bawling at our desks watching this incredible performance.

You’ll remember that Fantasia, who won the season of American Idol in which Jennifer Hudson also competed, performed this song during her stint as Celie in the B’way show. Watch ‘Tasia sing “I’m Here” at the Tonys below and tell us — who killed this number the best? Or did both former Season 3 Idols do a spectacular job?

  • sandy

    Fantasia own I here that is her song jennifer tried close but no cigar.Love Fantasia version.

  • mom

    None of the above. Couldn’t hear Jennifer’s and Fantasia’s was loud, that’s about all I can say. How about just singing the notes without all the flourishes?

  • norma

    I love both young ladies. Fantasia did her thing for the play, and Jhud owned this song last night honoring her mentor. They are two totally different artist. The true of the matter is Fantasia may have won Amercian Idol yes, but Jennifer Hudson is American Idol. The two young ladies are also good friends, but they are on two very different levels. Jennifer Hudson is the best female vocalist in the business today hands down.

  • JJ

    Ms. Hudson really did a great job last night and she continues to get better and better. I would agree with Norma, both individuals are different in their own rights, but Jennifer Hudson presents well when on stage and she can carry her own which has been proven in the past. I do like Fantasia version as well, but Jennifer owned this song last night. It is also nice to see that Jennifer acts like a lady with a lot of poise and grace while on stage, she is coming into her own as a talented woman. Who ever is managing her is doing a great job and the bar should be set even higher since she is an Oscar and Grammy winner.

  • Sylvia

    I love both versions and both singers. Both of these young ladies can bring me to tears with their God given talents!!! Both singers process a gift that is rare. There are so many singers out there but these two are among the rare few that will blow your socks off!!! I think they are both amazing and I don’t see the need to compare they are both outstanding and passionate and both sang the hell out of this amazing song!!.

  • CK n Cleveland

    I think that since Fantasia was picked for the roll and has color purple history it would have been only right to have her perform. Jennifer has gotten by on sympathy. Yes she has trained to become the singer she is now but Fantasia is all natural.

  • Michelle

    Fantasia…she sings with power…feelings….that’s what make her

  • Kimmy

    Ditto…..pure natural talent. Luv ya Tasia

  • cdhahn

    fantasia. both are very talented singers, but really hard to compare the two. yes, jennifer has developed over the years, “presents well”, polished, etc. where jennifer sang the song well, powerful and full, fantasia performs the song. you can see it in her expression and eyes and it just seems that when she sings a song like this it just resonates for her soul.

  • norma

    Noooooooo honey Jhud career has nothing to do with sympathy. The triple threat super star has raw talent and it speaks for itself. Its ok if you like Tasia better, but lying through your teeth is not helping. As I stated before they are both talented. Jhud is received more on a higher level. True to be told Jen is way more classy and professional as a young lady an artist. Fantasia can sing, but Jen is better as a vocalist. Jhud has the vocals to own any song out there. I love them both but the truth is the way and the light. Jennifer Hudson is shining like a bright light.

  • jelicia

    I love these two females singers so much! BOTH are my idols and its hard to say who did the best. These ladies are two different people. Jennifer hudson hands down KILLED beyonce in Dream girls, BEYONCE didnt even come close. and fantasias voice is amazing. they both did a great job! well done laides take a bow

  • Travella

    Jennifer Jennifer… Oh my god…..his grace is on you…. You the best in the world……that’s all I got to say….

  • nat

    There is no competition. Jennifer is poised, but Fantasia is raw, Black soul. She gives me chills, and I couldn’t help but break down when she sang this. Jennifer sang well, but I didn’t feel it.

  • cwhite

    Jennifer is an excellent vocalist but sings with very little feeling and seems a little distant when she sings….QUEEN FANTASIA sings with RAW emotions she makes you feel every word of the song, the note, as if SHE”S really singing the song from her soul she makes the words come ALIVE. FANTASIA on any given day!! But they’re both excellent singers!