Eminem And Jazmine Sullivan Hit A High Mark With Track “Cocaine”

Yesterday’s all-star, old school Eminem jam “Syllables” brought the words, but (ironically, considering what the song’s about) we thought it needed a better beat. The melodic tunes we were craving come today in a previously unreleased Em track, “Cocaine”, featuring Jazmine Sullivan — not Alicia Keys, which was originally rumored. Word is this will be on the re-release of Recovery sometime in 2011, which is perfect for the five people left on the planet who have yet to buy this album. Listen to “Cocaine” below.

Eminem feat. Jazmine Sullivan – “Cocaine”

“The way that it turned out turned out nothing like the picture in my head,” spits out Em on the soulful track, which has almost nada to do with the white powder.

The melody is taken straight from Jazmine Sullivan’s Salaam Remi-produced tune, “Fame”. Fame, cocaine, both addictive in their own ways.

What do you think of this track? Should this have made the initial cut of Recovery?

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