Chris Brown And Pitbull Wonder “Where Do We Go From Here”

It’s hard to think of anyone who is more ready to leave 2010 behind than Chris Brown — which may be why he can’t stop talking about the future (said to include collaborations with Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars). Heck, Bieber’s even encouraging him. Brown hasn’t made it easy on himself — just this week he’s been forced to apologize for more offensive tweets. But he’s clearly wondering what’s next: check out newly surfaced “Where Do We Go From Here”, in which Brown teams up with Pitbull to contemplate the next chapter. We can’t think of a more appropriate song to end 2010 — listen below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Chris Brown f/ Pitbull - Where Do We Go From Here"]

Produced by Jim Jonsin, the track seems intended for either Pitbull’s next project or Brown’s upcoming F.A.M.E.

Brown soars on the chorus, asking ““Where do we go from here / World, tell me please / Where do we go from here / I want the world to tell me please / Where do we go from here / Somebody please let me know / Where do we go from here / I want the whole world to show / Where do we go… and I don’t wanna do it alone / I want the world to dance.”

But beyond that the song is really a showcase for Pitbull’s verses, which he uses to rap about surpassing limits: “I’m here to show the world what it is to make something from nothing,” he says.

Whether Brown himself can overcome all the obstacles he’s set up for himself, however, is another question.

[Via Neon Limelight]

  • Kayla

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove this song love you Chris Brown and keep your head up

  • Brandon Hall

    Happy New Years to every at Idolator, looking forward to whats in store for this new year!

  • JohnJohn

    Please DIE OUT ALREADY Chris Brown, woman beater and “wanna be” thug!! You and Mike Vick…straight to hell.

  • King Makers

    @john john: 1st off, “woman beater”= someone that beats women right? from the word “beater”= present continous tense right? CB beat only one girl 2yrs ago out of over 100 girls he comes in contact with in his entire life & you label him a woman beater?! Thats just plane stupid!. He apologised to the girl in question, the public, suffered the consequences, got help & hasnt done it again, still you are out here hating on him despite all that?!. Now unless you are a broken disc that plays over again or you are a victim of a “constant” abuse—> stay away from these blogs and get some help yourself.

  • sujei

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiii love youuuu the bruno mars and chris brown….xd los amo
    son mis idolos

  • Sujei`Anabel

    cuanto amo a mis idolos ams queridos wum
    bruno mars y chris brown..son hermosos, pero por sobre todo cantan demasiado bn