Kim Kardashian Rolls The Dice On Pop, Debuts First Song In Las Vegas

When we first heard that Internet/reality-TV star Kim Kardashian might be making a foray into pop music, our first thought was, should we give “Stars Are Blind” another listen? But then we thought: ace producer The-Dream is involved. Kanye West is involved. There’s a chance it might work. But we didn’t expect to hear the song itself for weeks if not months. We were wrong: Kim debuted the song last night in Las Vegas, where she was hosting a New Year’s Eve bash at Tao nightclub. We think it’s called “Turn It Up”. Listen below.

You can hear Kim addressing the crowd at the start: “Alright guys, I didn’t mean to, but I did a song with The-Dream and it’s really fun… I hope you guys like it. Everybody have a drink and dance to my first single!”

We’re not even sure Kim is aware this video is buzzing around the Web — she’s busy eating breakfast after what was surely a late night. But from what we can hear… we want to hear more. Her singing voice (again, based on the audio quality above) sounds, or has been made to sound, just a little like Dev (of “Bass Down Low” and “Like A G6″ fame). Are we ready for Kim Kardashian to be a pop star? As long as she’s willing to shake that asset, she may be able to do anything she wants.

  • Holly

    Woow , when i knew that kim debuts her first song i thaugh “what the hell?” but now that i listen this im really exciting for her this song is very nice and her voice is good! Good look kim !

  • Laura

    Yeah! I love this song!

  • Ptah

    That sound hot babylove I know that Jack will be in the house on that one!
    Happy new year love u .time for some perfect sink sales reps out here.1111=4

  • fred42

    Like everything she touches. It sucks.

  • IHateStuckUpBitches

    Kim cannot sing.

    She’s basically taking and the engineers remixed her voice.

    Stuck up bitch.

    Why do you guys give this piss drinker the time of day.

  • FUU

    Paris Hilton Wanna be..

  • tweetygirl

    Um with all do respect, I know kim have money and all but Kim has a shower voice as in she needs to save her singing for the shower. I hate that people are trying to make a quick buck and not respecting the true art and skill that you can only be blessed with. Its not something you can learn or pay for. I’m really getting annoyed with this auto tune crap. Bring back the real singers

  • http://dnica joe

    This is not even as good as Paris Hilton this has to be a big joke right??

  • Nick A

    Blah blah blah BLA-Blllaaaaahhhh. Even as background music I couldn’t play it more than a minute. Boring, emotionless, and banal. No better (though no worse) than Paris Hilton’s “effort”.

  • اغاني شكشكه

    She’s basically taking and the engineers remixed her voice

  • Priscilla

    Much better than that other Kim Zolciak

  • liz

    i liked stars are blind
    i don’t like kim’s song…epic fail
    fame ho

  • watch jersey shore

    Lol this sounds alright.. I dont think its going to really take off though..

  • Nel123

    Yeah agreed!