Single Cover Diva-Off: Cheryl Cole’s “The Flood” Vs. Take That’s “The Flood”

British pop songbird (and possible X Factor judge?) Cheryl Cole looks stunning on the cover art of her new song, “The Flood”, keeping the focus on her profile and her mane of hair instead of the atrocious footwear on her Messy Little Raindrops album cover. Vast improvement, this is.

Cole recently performed the song at the Royal Variety Performance gala in England, right after Take That performed their new song, “The Flood”. We’re on the fence whose similarly-named track we prefer more — so let’s judge both singles on their sleeves!

Here’s Take That’s single sleeve for “The Flood”:

Minimalist. Abstract. Mostly yellow. Very arty — we can see this hanging on the wall in a doctor’s waiting room somewhere — but we enjoy looking at Cheryl’s pretty, concerned face more than a few blotches of color. Now, if Robbie Williams’ charming face was Photoshopped onto Take That’s cover, that’d be another story…

Which visual interpretation of “The Flood” do you like more? And which song is more your cup of tea? Tell us in the comments!

  • Robbie Daw

    Given that Take That’s cover depicts the backside of one of them (hopefully Jason or Howard), it’s getting my vote.

  • Jeana

    Cheryl looks really stunning on her cover. Her cover gets my vote. I also really like her song, but the version of Take That is also very good.

  • Liz

    They need to release this Take That album here. I say this as a historical TT hater and Robbie Williams lover…his brilliance has undone my disregard for TT – the album’s amazing, and I want it Stateside. Like now. I can’t watch the video for The Flood, wah!!!

  • Christina sl

    Cheryl Cole is getting my vote, cause I LOVEEE the song and she is so gorgeous and amazing!:)

  • Iona Sauve

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