Listen To David Cook Tease Music Off His Upcoming Album

Geez, David Cook—we’ve been waiting on new music from you for, like, nearly three seasons of American Idol! Thankfully the 2008 AI winner finally just posted a black-and-white video—simply titled “NEW ALBUM TEASER”—showing him in the studio, looking properly angst-ridden and winter-scruffy while working on tunes. Watch below.

We last saw newly-fuzzy Mr. Cook in the recent Idol documentary Welcome Home, where the show’s winners—from Kelly Clarkson to Lee DeWyze—all traveled back to the places from whence they came. But now David’s fans have a bit more to look forward to.

Check out the clip, which features Cook crafting new songs that sound rather epic and U2-esque in scope. (We’re especially digging that guitar riff that comes in at the :31 mark in the video.)

Thanks for the tease, Cookie—now, how about a release date?

[Via Hitfix]

  • Krissy

    David is so damned ugly!!! Ewwwwwwwww…… He’s not half as talented and not an 1/8 as cute as Kris Allen. Kris Allen has looks, charisma and talent. He’s the total package. Can’t wait until Cook’s CD comes out and it tanks big time. All his fans are over the age of 60. Younger fans like cute guys and Cook is hideously ugly. What’s up with the weird shaped head?

  • Sam

    Krissy you really get off on posting this on every blog you can find don’t you? Shame you can’t like Allen for what he is and leave Cook alone. Jealous are you? If Allen had half as much talent as Cook, maybe he would have sold 1.3 million albums. Oh right, he’s got maybe 200,000. Not in the same league as Cook. You had better get your facts straight before you spout your garbage about Cook fans being “over the age of 60″.

    I think a platinum album, 2 platinum singles and a gold single speak for themselves. When Allen has that, then come back and we will talk.

  • Taylor

    Great album teaser. I really like the guitar riff that plays in the video. And yeah David looks great in the glasses and with the scruff.

  • Lara

    @Krissy, LMAO what are you like 13 yrs. old?????

    I can’t wait until Cook’s CD comes out either and I sincerely doubt it will tank! LOL Seriously Cook is extremely talented and yes, hot! This coming from a fan who is nowhere near 60!!! LOL

  • Lyn

    Well said Sam.

  • Jason

    Serious musician crafting real music — what a relief it will be to have some quality stuff hit the airways again. Go for it, Mr. Cook. And yep, I’ll buy a ticket to hear this stuff live. You rock.

  • Kristen

    I can’t wait for this new album! David’s first album is fantastic and platinum-selling! I’m sure this one will be too! Oh, and btw, I’m nowhere near 60 either, and both my 16 yr. old niece and her boyfriend love his music too! What’s that old saying my grandmother used to say……”if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”. It’s more mature.

  • Robert

    Looking forward to this album. Cook is a great singer.

  • Lara

    Can’t wait for DC’s new album! And “Krissy”, since you’re apparently keeping score, I’m a 15 year old high school cheerleader who thinks DC is incredibly hot. (If I’m lucky, I’ll make 60 some day. LOL!)

  • Kathy

    Kris who?? Oh ya, season 8th winner…Or was it really Adam?? He’s the only one I remember from that season!!

  • Cindy

    I agree with Krissy. I think Kris has a much longer life in the business. If Cook was a part of Kris’s season Cook probably would have sold about 60k. Kris is really good looking and all the girls like him where as Cook is unattractive. No offense to Cook he can’t help the way he was born. I’m not 13 either but a mature professional woman and mother. You have to have looks and talent to make it and Cook does not have the looks at all to attract the girls. As for his talent his voice sounds the same in every song whereas Kris changes it up. Cook has that annoying growley voice whereas Kris has a pleasant tone. It’s just the facts. I listened to the clips above and see more of the same old same old.

  • Cindy

    @Lara I think you just proved Krissy’s point. You posted at 12:35 on a school day and you say you are 15? Hmmmmmm……..did you get your numbers backwards? Maybe you meant 51? Cook does attract much older fans than Kris does. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with being old just don’t go around pretending you are not. It’s kind of creepy.

  • Janette

    I have been waiting anxiously for Cook’s new CD. Sorry to whomever is comparing Cook to Allen. Get in the real world, Kris can’t even sell his CD. What did he sell like 250,000 if he’s lucky. Cook has such an incredible voice. Whoever this Krissy is needs to get back to school. I guess drool over Kris while he is still around as he won’t be around long.

  • http://YAHOO laglagbo

    …who are we to judge an artist at the height of his creativeness!
    Give this man what he is due and that is RESPECT if we have not got one for our pathetic little lives then we may as well SHUT UP and be productive instead.
    I know you are a great artist, you proved it in AI now go prove it to the world
    ….Best of luck to you always!

  • Learning

    I can’t wait to hear the whole album of Dave and his band mates.

  • Hannah

    Yay, new music from David.

    LMAO @Cindy, where do you live … under a rock? There’s a cool invention out now called a smart phoone. Kids use them all the time. Yes (*gasp*) even at school. Imagine that!

  • MGP

    @Krissy… you are a retard! I’m a Kris fan firstly, but David Cook awesome! If you don’t like an artist (for whatever reason) its best to not read & more importantly not to comment on articles about him, or you’ll come off as an ignorant retard. This article had nothing to do with Kris so why mention him, it really doesn’t help him you know!

  • Ashleyyy:)

    LOLOLOL at the jealous Kris fans. Kris’ album isn’t even close to going GOLD! Haha! Obviously his amazing ~talent~ and ~good looks~ weren’t enough to get people to buy his album :P he’s already sunk into oblivion…he’ll be lucky if he can sell 70k with his next album. (; And I don’t know if I would call Kris’ voice “pleasant” it’s like too high pitched or something idk.

    ANYWAYS. I’m SOO excited for David’s next record! :D I think David’s ridiculously attractive and I’m 18 btw(;

  • Maria

    I think David Cook is extremely talented. I love the musical arrangement on this tease. I don’t think he is as good looking as Kris Allen, but he certainly is NOT ugly. I also love Kris’ musical arrangement talent and Kris voice, which isn’t the same type of “husky” voice as David Cook and Chris Daughtry. That is a nice, change but I like them both.

    That being said, I don’t believe the nasty stuff here is from Kris Allen fans, because they appreciate real musical ability and talent – just a wild guess that the nasty stuff is from another obsessed sore loser fan base.

  • MGP

    Maria I think you’re onto something there… If that is the case though, pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe it!

  • observer

    Interesting. I once made a comment on a David Cook article where he was being bashed for being just a pretty face who has hordes of cougar fans. The haters also said that he will not be successful. A year or two later and David Cook is still being bashed. However, I seriously doubt that this is the end of his career. Thank you, haters, for keeping his career alive. As Mr. Cook himself would say, loved or hated, as long as he’s not being ignored – that is the way to longevity in this business.

  • Anonymous

    No, “krissy” is not a Kris Allen fan. If you follow any of the Glamberts on Twitter or the fanboards you wil fin discussion of posing as Kris fans and posting stupid stuff on message boards to give him a bad reputation. They also tried faking requests amd pestering DJs to get Kris boycotted, but it backfired HAHaa when LLWD became a bigger hit than WWFM. Glamberts it’s been almost 2 years. Stop trying to make Kris look bad just because you still hold some stupid Idol grudge.

  • Andy

    Am I the only one who loves both David and Adam? Lol

    Also, overinvested fans exist in every fanbase, I don’t know why ppl don’t seem to get that.

    Anyway, looking forward to both their upcoming albums!! So excited! :D :D :D

  • Suz

    David Cook is extremely sexy…He has the looks, the voice, the sense of humor…there is more to being sexy than just a pretty face…David is sexy because of his looks but also because of the kind of man he is.

    No, I am not 60, but I am not twenty something either. I am a woman who appreciates a real man and a real artist.

    Kris is cute, but I wouldn’t call him sexy…

  • cookycool

    I (female) just turned 58 in January. I am a huge music buff. I have followed Idol every year and love it. I knew from the start that David Cook had what it took to win. It was, as they say, the whole package. He had that star quality plus a butt load of talent. I will say though that I have been impatiently waiting for a new album. I do feel in order to keep your fan base and the ones who love you that you can’t wait so long to put out the next album. I had just about given up when I ran across the news by accident that a new album was on the way. Does anyone have a release date? Now if Adam Lambert would just get on the band wagon and do another album I would be the happiest of campers. Adam is so talented. I knew from the get go that he had it all also. Was not too upset when he didn’t win cause I knew he would be fine and make it.. He is just too talented not to. In all my years I have never had an album affect me as Adam’s did. I was literally obsessed with it. I would play several times a day for months on end. I would go to bed thinking of the music and wake up wanting to hear it. I kept it in my cd player next to my bed for close to a year. But then was wanting more and new. So please if anyone has any word on a new album from him please let me know. Thanks Music is the rhythm of the soul!