David Archuleta Loses It In Unreleased Track “Senseless”

It feels like 2008 all up in here, with David Cook and David Archuleta duking it out for America’s attention. Well, okay, not really. But work with us—it’s January. Two days after Season 7 American Idol winner Cook posted a new video clip featuring songs off his upcoming album, along comes an unreleased Archie ballad called “Senseless.” It’s not the most exciting thing the 20-year-old A Fine Frenzy fan has ever turned out—who knows, maybe it’s only a demo—but you can give it a spin below.

[wpaudio url="http://cdn.idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Senseless.mp3" text="David Archuleta - Senseless" dl="0"]

We’ll give Archie an A for effort on this one. What do you think? Should “Senseless” have made the cut on one of his albums? Or is it better off left on the shelf?

  • Marylee

    Love it! Think it should be recorded for sure! Why? Because he puts every ounce of emotion into every song he sings! Way to go David! :)

  • A Fan Frenzy

    I’m a big David Archuleta fan – have all his albums. I’ve always thought his voice fits perfectly with an R&B sound — his rich tones, lower register, etc. But David has said that his goal with his album The Other Side of Down was to showcase more of his taste in music and “him” as an artist, so I could see why this song didn’t make the cut.

  • Lisa

    It’s not the best song ever, but his voice on it is fabulous. He does slow jams really well, even though he doesn’t do them all that often. I’d like him to record a really awesome R&B ballad in the future. Actually a more poppy power ballad would even be great–something to show off his vocals.

  • ktrax071

    I like it — it’s got a groovy R&B feel. Showcases the sweet spot in his voice nicely!

    I do believe this was recorded for the first album but didn’t make the cut. I can see why since there are several other ballads on the first album that I would rate higher than this one. It’s a nice song though.

  • Robbie Daw

    It’d be great to hear him do a duet with Kelly Clarkson, a la something like a pop crossover version of “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (which she does with Jason Aldean).

  • Marylee

    Think this was one that was cut from his FIRST album..not TOSOD. At least that’s what’s being reported so far :)

  • cassie

    I like it!!

  • rhed31

    The vid describes it as a leftover from the first album and it sounds like it. David’s new stuff is much better and much more honest. Love his voice on this though.

  • sage

    He is the best when he belts out. I always think David A is the female version of Kelly Clarkson. Well we will see in the future, his R N B record and Spanish record and more. Such a powerful singer.

  • Violet

    Someone on Youtube said it’s written by James Fauntleroy (he was a co-writer on My Hands for the first album) and I don’t remember David working with him for this album. I think it’s likely a song that didn’t make the first album. It wouldn’t fit on his current album anyway. David wanted the current one to be fun and quirky and positive with good messages (since it was his last album as a teen) and he wanted it to be true to himself and not filled with the kind of love and breakup things he hasn’t personally experienced. One slipped in – the lovely Falling Stars, but other than that David was able to stick pretty much on the theme he wanted. I like Senseless. I like everything David sings. Not the pinnacle of songs, but if it was then it would have been on an album. I hope the writer was compensated. Sometimes these leaks are from a computer being hacked somewhere in the music and recording chain and then the writer is stuck with a song he can’t resell because it’s all over the net. I hope that didn’t happen.

  • sage

    Sorry, David Archuleta’s vocal ability is as good as Kelly Clarkson. That’s what I meant. I would love to see their duet!

  • Lisa

    Oh yeah, a Kelly C/David A duet would be awesome. Their voices would go great together. Always loved Kelly.

  • Lizette

    I love his voice on this. So pretty. Would like to hear him lean a little more toward r&b.

  • Cyn

    Nice vocals, but the song has nothing to distinguish it from a hundred others
    that are out there.

  • Re

    I so love this song. His voice is made for R&B and when he let’s loose it leaves me Breathless.

  • waffles

    David’s voice is so perfect here that it doesn’t matter what the quality of the song itself is. This sounds great and puts me in a happy dreamy mood. Isn’t that the point of music -to make you feel something? Mission accomplished David!! (I love it!)

  • violet4ever

    I just listened at home on headphones instead of low volume on my PC speakers at work and yeah his voice sounds gorgeous. I love David’s voice. I wish there was a way to hear all of the many songs he recorded that didn’t make it onto the albums. I could listen to David’s singing all day and sometimes I do.

  • malia08

    I like this song. Actually, anything David sings I love it. I listen to David’s album everyday. Even his Christmas album when it wasn’t Christmas season yet. The more I listen to his album the more I like it. Each song in his albums is great. I wish he will record a Spanish album in the very near future.

  • Irrelevant

    I love the r&b groove and his voice as always, silky smooth. I’d love to see him go in an r&b direction. I really like it, can’t go wrong with that voice.

  • joneslmk


  • jennilee

    the song is not relatable to him as his other songs in the new album but he just sounds sooo dang awesome and amazing here!!!!!

  • http://thevoicedavidarchuleta.com Bebereader

    Beautiful vocals! David can sing any genre and sing it well. He said he recorded 50 songs for his first album. Would love to hear all those that didn’t make the cut. So far….Senseless and She’s Not You. I love them both.

  • Sandy

    This is the David Archuleta I adore! His biggest success will come when he matures a little more and brings out an album of R & B. Every piece of his vocal talents can be expressed best in a slow, emotional, heartfelt song. I can’t wait until he decides to go R & B. I will by that album

  • Hunnzy

    This song and the way David sings it just grabs at your heart! He has a way of just taking you on a journey when he sings! If us fans didnt know that he is not in a relationship right now, he would convince us all that he is in pain losing this girl!!!! This is what Jennifer Lopez says about David and a great singer is the way a song makes you feel! Nobody does is better than David! I also would love to hear alot of R&B from him. At 12 on Star Search they called him the soul man of Utah (mini Wayne Newton)! This is just a part of David! Because of his youth they want him to be in POP and I love his POP its fresh and meaningful songs but he will find his big success with songs like this that just go straight to the heart!!!! That what made us fall in love with him on American Idol! He will be around for a long time! Thats why CRUSH was so big-you just felt everything coming back with your first Crush! Fallings Stars is like that on this new album! Just stunning heart felt and a vocal masterpiece!!

  • Mari

    this song is soulful and r&b fits him I wish he would do more of this!!!Luv the song should have been on some album and definitly should be on the radio!!!!!!

  • Cindy

    Duking it out? Hardly! David Cook creamated him…Lol!! Not even a comparison….Archuelta’s new CD has TANKED!! Tanked big time!!! Bye Bye

  • Cindy

    LMAO!! Female yes!! ARchie is pretty close to being a female. He needs a more manly voice like David Cook. But then again David Cook has sold millions Archuelta couldn’t sell water to a man dying of thirst in the desert.

  • Mari

    Well,it’s not like anybody remembers who David Cook is? recently when Archie was on Regis they couldn’t even remember who he lost to on Idol.Doesn’t sound promising to me.Besides I live about 10 minutes from his folks house and you never ever hear about him in this area anymore.

  • http://fod sofia41

    well yes to Cindy, David Cook has a manly voice that can compare to a sandpaper(a very rough voice)that is so painful to the ear when you hear his voice,and Cindy you know what is sandpaper is right?

  • http://fod sofia41

    And Cindy this thread is about D.A. why even bring here your comment about Cook here,why don’t go to his own site and spread what you think about him there.

  • Melanie

    No Cindy David A isnt going anywhere! He startedat 16 on Idol and Cook was what 25? Yes Cindy there is a big difference in there voices! Have you heard Archie lately? He has matured quite nicely! Did you hear Cook on Idol recently? Off key and I clearly dont even remember the song! Not such great reviews of his first single off his second album! Did you know that Archie is on his 3rd album? Hummm And no Cook has sold 1.3 million albums Archie has sold 1.1. Also Crush has sold 2 million, the highest selling single of any Idol that did not get performed on Idol! So Archie did that without the Idol stage! Cook has sung every single on Idol and some ,so yes he is the Idol he should have sold more of his debut album than Archie!! I like Cook alot because Archie and him are good friends! But most feel the same that Archie will be in the music industry for along time! Already separating himself as not just and American Idol Star! Lots more freedom now to do what he wants! To be selected for so many big events for the National Anthem shows the respect the industry has for him! I do hope that Cooks new album will sell well for him with Idols help! Otherwise it will tank like most other Idols in this slow season of selling albums!