3 Reasons We Just Had To Have This Justin Bieber 2011 Calendar

The walls here at Idolator HQ were looking a little bare, and our hunt for a Ke$ha calendar chronicling 365 days of trash and glitter came up empty handed. Thankfully, we stumbled upon this Justin Bieber 2011 Calendar, and based upon the amazing Amazon reviews alone, we plunked down the $7.49 without question. A bargain for The Bieb! Check out the six actual customer quotes that sold us on this JB item and tell us if you think we made the right choice.

Rating: 5 stars  – Way too small

“His hair could not look any more stuck in a tornado terrific. It’s great to look at the wall to see what day it is and look at the greatest singer this generation has seen. I’m a little disappointed because when I see 12 x 12 of J-Biebs, I want 12 feet by 12 feet… He’s the greatest entertainer this side of Dean Martin… Lady Gaga thinks she’s all cool and in your face. I get the impression that she thinks she is cooler than Bieber. I hope he goes all valley karate tournament on her and crane kicks her dumb face. Justin would totally win a fight between the two of them because he could also be a world champion boxer if he chose to. Go Justin Bieber!!!!”

Rating: 5 stars – Justin Bieber Calendar is a Great Gift!

“I bought this for my little brother for his office calendar for his marketing company in Chicago for a Christmas gift. He said in a thank-you email that he loved the calendar. However, I think he’s feeling sad because the calendar is making him want a haircut like Justin’s, and between you and me, he just turned 40 and it wouldn’t look too good on him.”

Rating: 5 stars – Squeals of delight heard across the room!

“What else can I say….it’s a calendar!”

That last comment really says it all.

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