‘Amerian Idol’ Alums’ Record Sales To-Date Revealed

Jan 7th, 2011 // 10 Comments

While Billboard recently posted the figures for the ten biggest-selling albums of 2010, USA Today‘s Idol Chatter blog has gone a step further and revealed Nielsen SoundScan data for how many LPs certain American Idol contestants have moved to date. Head below to see how many records Kelly Clarkson, David Archuleta and Daughtry moved, and what kind of business certain albums like Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment did in 2010.

Idol Chatter notes that smiling Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta has sold 764,000 units total of his self-titled debut album to date, while his 2009 holiday album Christmas From the Heart has done about 246,000. Last year’s The Other Side Of Down moved 63,000 copies as of December.

Below are more breakdowns:

Kelly Clarkson
* Thankful (2.745 million)
* Breakaway (6.160 million)
* My December (815,000)
* All I Ever Wanted (908,000)

* Daughtry (4.788 million)
* Leave This Town (1.225 million)
* B-Sides (12,000)

Meanwhile, Carrie Underwood sold 741,000 copies of Play On over the past 12 months, while Fantasia’s Back to Me is at 384,000 and Adam Lambert’s 2009 post-Idol debut For Your Entertainment moved 351,000.

Do you think Kelly’s upcoming album will get her back to Platinum status?


  1. Marylee

    Just for the record..David Archuleta was Season 7 :) the most exciting Idol Season of all! I’ll never forget it…thanks David & way to go!!!

  2. nl

    Archie is part of season 7 – how could anyone forget the great David/David finale. Love both those guys then, love both those guys now!

  3. Good lord – my bad. My brain is already past Season 10 ;)

  4. Natali

    Kelly is the best idol IMO I hope she sells millions with her next record. She truly deserves it.

  5. Just reminding that those are only the sales for 2010. Adam’s FYE was released in 2009 and has sold a total of 785K so far. Carrie’s also was 2009 and is almost at 2million sold of Play On.

  6. sophie

    Happy Archie’s done so well, not bad at all for the young man. Then there’s Kelly who’s always consistent, can’t wait to hear her new music! Not sure what b sides is for Daughtry, will have to check it out. Thanks for the update.

  7. Tony

    Both My December and All I Ever Wanted did go Platinum. This doesn’t include international sales

  8. Fishy

    how was my december certified platinum in the US with less than 1 million sales?

    This is the official RIAA website


    Something doesn’t add up.

  9. Fishy

    All I Ever Wanted has not but according to you sold more.

  10. jimson

    fishy, they are certified based on the number of albums shipped to retailers by the record company, not the number of albums sold over the counter. RCA hasn’t certified anything of Kelly’s for 3 years. there are many many certifications due for Kelly’s albums and singles.

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