Kelly Rowland’s New Track “Hangover” Gives Us A Migraine

Kelly Rowland sings about making some poor decisions while intoxicated on her recently surfaced track, “Hangover”, but we think the poorest decision was picking this lackluster song with a lukewarm beat. The song is rumored to be from her sessions for her forthcoming album due out later this year, but we hope either Kelly works on this one a bit more, or it stays in the can. Listen to “Hangover” below and tell us if it makes your head spin.

[wpaudio url="" text="Kelly Rowland feat. Andre Merritt - Hangover" dl="0"]

“I knew I was in trouble when you bought that first drink / You said your name was Tony and it was nice to meet / I probably should have listened to my girls, warning me / By then the room was spinning and I couldn’t think,” sings Rowland on this track, clearly still in the demo phase. (Something tells us Andre Merrit is filling in for a soon-to-be-picked artist with a bigger name.)

Not only are the lyrics pretty dull, this song barely has a melody and a pretty lame hook. Give us “Commander” and “Forever And A Day” — hell, even “Wonderful Christmastime” — any day over this.

Thoughts, folks?

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  • Josh

    Fully agree that she either works on this track, there are a lot of things that need to be tweaked/changed before it is even marketable, or she just shelves it. She is so talented and hopefully whatever she’s working on for the album is of much better quality than this.

  • LOS


  • Sandi

    Why is every song she does always given negative reviews by all the sites. But, all of those silly no talented women can put out trash as is give rave reviews.. Are you all getting paid to put her down. Remember if you say it enough people start believing it. So Please stop hating on this girl and give her the same respect that is given to others Artists. She Deserves It !

    • Becky Bain

      We’re not getting paid to trash Kelly – we generally like what she puts out. Unfortunately, this song isn’t one of our favorites. At least it sounds like it’s still a demo, which means there’s definitely room for improvement.


    This is definitely a demo and of course this won’t be a single.

  • steph

    Me too..I can see Usher on this!!! I love the tunne…haters please back down…it has a nice catch to it….”we are gonna be sorry when we wake up in the morning”…lol… nice chorus! <3

  • myrl22

    Actually this is a great song… I like it and it doesn’t give me a Migraine so wrong title for this post cuz this song would have slayed in the European dance floor… if it give u a Migraine u must not have travel much to appreciate different style of music… plus lots of ppl can relate to the lyrics if they would admit their little secrets… go kelly… slay em girl