Britney Spears Breaks Records, May Perform On The Grammys

Jan 11th, 2011 // 6 Comments

Britney Spears’ new single “Hold It Against Me” has been out for a day and it’s already shattering records — despite mixed reactions, the song has broken the record for most spins in the first day of release. Does this mean the rumors are true that Brit will be performing her track (#1 on iTunes, too, folks) at next month’s Grammys Awards? What we’re even more curious to find out is whether Brit has a zit while posing for this promo pic, or if she just has to sneeze. [MTV]

  1. Lisa

    I’m sure there are Britney fans that are thrilled by this. I don’t mean to dump on the girl, because I just posted a bit of a scathing comment a couple posts below, but this just gets me shaking my head. I mean, I’ve known for awhile that Top 40 radio doesn’t give a flying flip about what their listeners want to hear. It’s all about image, name recognition and what record labels can provide them in exchange for plays (not money, mind you, but other incentives). Britney could have released her singing the ABCs and it would have been played to death today. In other words, it doesn’t matter if the song sucks. It doesn’t matter what kind of call-out reviews it gets. The song will be a hit because it’s Britney and it’s the first single off her upcoming album (subsequent singles off this album will get declining levels of support, but will also make at least top 20, if not top 10 or 5).

    And that, folks, is why people are tuning out terrestrial radio and plugging in their iPods or iPhones or other mobile devices. They don’t want to be told what they want to hear, especially if it doesn’t resemble what they want to hear. Radio realized their ratings were declining, so what did they do? Consolidate playlists over several stations, implement national syndicated playlists, consolidate jobs over several stations, play powers 120-140 times per week, and limit daytime playlists to around 15 songs only. All of this resulted in less diversity and songs that stay on top for much longer, meaning new artists or different styles of pop music have even less of a chance of even getting into the top 40 songs. In other words, radio stations made their product worse in order to save money. Terrible business strategy. Britney’s music is just one example of the type of songs that will always get picked up over more interesting, quality music.

    • I completely agree – on some level – that it doesn’t matter what Britney releases, it was destined to be a hit based on her fan base alone.

      That said, you’d think some people are invincible, and they prove otherwise. Who would have known that Christina Aguilera’s album would have flopped the way it did? It’s because the lead single was meh, and the rest of the songs weren’t much good, either. I say if Britney follows this one up with another mediocre tune, and then released an album full of crap, it may debut at #1 but it will quickly fall.

  2. Its safe to say I’m in a love/hate relationship with Britney, I love old pre-blackout Britney and hate the rest.

    Its never that she was a powerhouse vocalist but that she used to put her all into her work, into promoting and especially into performing she was never a Janet Jackson and light-years behind Paula Abdul sharp choreography but she was good at what she did. Now shes just plan given up, theres no bragging about new Britney shes completely lackluster when the best you can do to defend her is remind people of what she used to be, the fight is lost.

    However the thought of her performing on the Grammy’s a live television event on a large scale means she might have to bring back her A game and I guess thats why its exciting, I mean she wouldn’t dare go to the Grammy’s with less than 100% right? Right?…………………….

  3. Lisa

    Yeah, Becky, I may have been a bit too absolute in what I stated above. Not every artist that seems “sure fire” will get a hit, as Christina proved, and perhaps the Blackout-era Britney showed as well. If a radio station, especially one owned by Clear Channel, has a choice between a so-so Britney song and an amazing or interesting or unique song by a newer, less established artist, though, 9 times out of 10 they’re going to choose Britney. And because playlists are shrinking, radio programmers have to make that choice more often now than they did before. What gets me is that this particular strategy (favoring image and hype over quality) hasn’t gotten them better ratings, yet they still do it. I think they’ve forgotten that radio is for listening, not looking. A fantastic Britney dance performance isn’t going to sell the song on the radio, so there really isn’t any point in favoring a Britney song just because she’s Britney. Ultimately, I do believe that people would rather hear good music than the most promoted music.

  4. Al3

    She doesn’t deserve to be at the Grammys. All she’s gonna do is lipsync and dance around. :[ But I still like the song…. :3

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