Trey Songz Releases His “Spray”, Plans His Love Faces Tour

Trey Songz, the R&B crooner who’s got his mind in the gutter and his clothes usually somewhere on the floor, is preparing to embark on his Love Faces 2011 tour, named after a song on his album Passion, Pain & Pleasure (as well as his own personal “love” faces). Is the notion of experiencing Songz live in the flesh already too hot and heavy for you? Better not listen to “Spray”, a previously unreleased tune of the singer’s that found its way online today. Sings Songz: “Girl I’m hearing what you say/ I can tell you really want to play/ If you want it your way, you gon’ have to spray.” We don’t think he’s talking about perfume. Listen to the Salaam Remi-produced track below.

Trey Songz – “Spray”

Though pure R&B, it’s got a nice little doo-wop vibe to it, though it sounds unfinished. Plus, the image we’re getting of either party “spraying” one another with anything, from a bottle of seltzer to their own love juices, doesn’t necessarily scream sexy to us. It’s more jolting, than anything. But we guess “Release Gently And With Due Warning” isn’t as catchy a title as “Spray”.

Here are the first (only?) four dates on Songz’s Valentine’s Day weekend mini-tour:

Love Faces 2011 Tour

2/11: New York City – Venue TBD

2/12: Washington, D.C. – Dar Constitution Hall

2:13:  Detroit, Mich. – Detroit Opera House

2:14: Chicago, Ill. – The Chicago Theatre