Listen To A Short Clip Of Supposed Lady Gaga Song “Animal”

A short clip of a song supposedly by upcoming Grammy Awards performer Lady Gaga, apparently called “Animal,” has surfaced online via the Facebook page of, and it’s got little monsters around the world in a frenzy. Comments here seem to indicate that it’s an old demo, while others suggest that it’s a new song set to appear on Gaga’s upcoming album Born This Way. Either way, you can listen below.

“I can see the way that you’re looking at me, like you’re hungry and I am the only thing that you see,” go the vocals, which lay atop the drum-dominated pop song.

To us, the beat sounds slightly “Promiscuous” (in the 2006 Nelly Furtado song way, not in the “let’s have it off under the school bleachers” way). Plus, with the recent success of Neon Trees’ single “Animal” and, more importantly, fellow pop songstress Ke$ha’s #1 album of the same name, we’re wondering whether or not Lady Gaga would even go there for a title in 2011.

Give the snippet a spin and see if you think this is new or old Gaga material—or as MTV has now been told, not even Gaga at all.

[wpaudio url="" text="Lady Gaga - Animal (short clip)" dl="0"]

  • MusicGroz

    Wow, not even worth listening to with how many watermarks iLeaks through on there.

    • elmo1057

      Aint even hers

  • Aaron Howard

    It’s hard to say. On one hand it kinda sounds like her but on the other hand it sounds more like a ke$ha song than Lady Gaga. idk it sounds like the kinda song that people are gonna jam to in their cars so by the time the song is released by whoever its gonna be banging radios everywhere.

    • gokusgirl2529

      lady gaga does not sound like ke$ha so i dont why you said that

      • Aaron Howard

        I didn’t say Lady Gaga sounded like Ke$ha. I said the song sounds like something Ke$ha would sing.

  • Helena

    Sounds like her. Actually, Aaron Howard, Ke$ha does have a song called “Animal,” so you are right in that regard. But I’ve heard it, and it’s not this. I kind of like it. Hope it’s her. I’m surprised it leaked. She’s usually pretty good at keeping the things that are actually going on the album locked up tight. I think it would go with the theme of the album. Well, on May 23rd, we’ll find out for sure.

  • gokusgirl2529

    shes pretty and so good at singing

  • Lee Yasir

    it sounds like something someone out of timbalands camp would make, maybe soshy?

  • Mariano

    Her official managers or something like that said that this isn´t even gaga, and that it isn´t in BTW of course…

  • Al3

    This is one of her older songs renamed to Animal. And also what Mariano said.

  • Kayla

    This is not Gaga and yeah sounds something like what Kesha (eewwwwwww) would sing. Gaga is really good at not leaking her songs and I would think Gaga would tweet about this leaked song and she hasn’t .