Check Out Pink’s Effing Awesome “F**kin’ Perfect” Video Preview

Pink is following her chart-topping smash “Raise Your Glass” with another new track off Greatest Hits…So Far!!!, “F**kin’ Perfect.” But unlike the video for her previous single, the pregnant songstress takes somewhat of a backseat in her new clip—at least as far as the 49-second preview clip shows. Watch below. The Max Martin/Shellback-produced “F**kin’ Perfect” has been given the Cee Lo/”Forget You” clean-up treatment for radio, where the chorus is now: “Pretty, pretty please, don’t you ever ever feel like you’re less than, less than perfect.”

From what we can see of the video so far, Pink appears to be sitting the bulk of it out while actors play out the story. In the first part, a woman lays in bed staring at a teddy bear, and flashes back to when she was younger and beat up a male bully at the school playground.

And really, we wouldn’t expect any less from a Pink video! We’ll be looking forward to the rest of the clip, which should surface shortly.

“F**kin’ Perfect” follows a string of hit singles Max Martin has produced for Pink, including “Raise Your Glass,” “So What,” “Please Don’t Leave Me” and “U + Ur Hand.”

[Via We Are Pop Slags]

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