Adele Discusses “Honest” New Album And Running Down Diddy With Alan Carr

Adele’s 21 drops in the UK next week (we have to wait till February 22 for its release), and so while having a sitdown with Chatty Man host Alan Carr, the upcoming BRITs performer talked about her new “breakup” LP. “I tried to bite my tongue a bit on this record, but I ended up being more honest than on the first one,” Adele explained. “And I think it might come back and bite me on the bum.” She then went on to talk about nearly running down Diddy while driving a golf cart. The funniest bit came when Carr ribbed Adele for naming her albums after her age at the time of recording, and warned her that she’s “starting a dangerous thing.” The British talk show host taunted her with a photo of her future album 87. “You’re evil,” she laughed.

Adele Alan Carr Chatty Man

Here’s Adele performing current single “Rolling In The Deep” live on Alan Carr: Chatty Man:

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