Hear The Final Version Of Jennifer Lopez And Pitbull’s “On The Floor”

Ryan Seacrest’s website premiered the final version of Jennifer Lopez’s new RedOne-produced track “On The Floor” this morning. Over the weekend we mentioned that the mixture of Latin flavor and beats in the new club jam, which samples Kaoma’s 1989 international hit “Lambada,” felt appropriate given that J.Lo was one of the pioneers bringing Latina flavor to the clubs. Give the radio-ready version of “On The Floor” a spin below.

This clip of “On The Floor” appears to have been edited down by a full minute from the version that did the rounds over the weekend. Do you think it sounds tighter now?

Of course, “On The Floor” isn’t the only Pitbull tune to pop up recently with a global feel to the lyrics. “International Love,” his pairing with Chris Brown, is another floorfiller that aims to take the listener dance-filled journey around the world.

  • jahxp

    I prefer the previous version than this one, but anyway it is amazing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Hall/1179383854 Brandon Hall

    I don’t love it but I don’t hate it, to me it seems a bit more ambitious than her previous work released from this album. Ill still never understand why “Hot Out The Oven” got a music video over Louboutins.

    The instrumentals really make me this song enjoyable, I think Shakira could have done something amazing with this.

    As is, its just not that great overall.

  • Robbie Daw

    I’m sort of in the middle on this, too. The Pitbull rap seems…pointless?

  • Jesse

    I love it. I don’t know why people got to hate on her so much. After all, she has been singing for 10 years and honestly people need to just get over it and enjoy what she has to offer because there are some singers who aren’t as good as her. She’s knows what her fans want.

  • E

    Much better! The other version felt too long. RedOne seems to have been able to bring the best out of JLo that frankly TheDream and Tricky Stewart couldnt. Hope she sticks with uptempo material for her new album.

  • ZMH

    exactly, why he is everywhere nowadays? i gradually become allergic to “dale”. but i will honestly admit this sounds much better than the demo.

  • Neg AlGo

    I can see how this is gonna be an absolute and utter hit…. Finally J.Lo is going to get the praise she deserves!!!! I love this woman and have for been a big fan for 12years!!!! Go hard Jennifer!!!!

  • Vero

    I don’t know what all the fuss was…before it was edited it was DOPE. To be honest the original is now my favorite JLO song ever. Love it.

  • http://myspace.com/hllincoln H.L.Lincoln

    J Lo knew she had stolen the other version of On The Floor
    so they changed it and put Pit Bull on it and turned up the music.
    These people will do anything to make it.This is why something
    always happen to them.She may seem like she getting over her
    marriage but she’s in for a suprise.I’m a disabled person now
    i wonder how do you feel stealing my music.