Steven Tyler Talks ‘Idol’, Sings “Walk This Way” With Jimmy Fallon & The Roots

We have many predictions (10, to be exact) for the new season of American Idol, which kicks off tonight. But needless to say, one of them is that Steven Tyler will be awesome. Or at least awesomely different than what we’re used to with the judges on the show, which can only be a good thing at this stage. The Aerosmith frontman hit up Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about having to get up at 6 a.m.—a new concept for him—to do Idol and the book he has on the way called Does The Noise In My Head Bother You. Watch below.

During his sitdown with Fallon, Steven Tyler talked about fellow judge Randy Jackson. “You know, I met him for a lunch three months ago, just trying to decide what was going on with this while we were listening to see if J.Lo was happening,” Tyler explains. “After five minutes I realized we were born—just joined at the hip.”

Steven Tyler and Jimmy Fallon do “Walk This Way” with the Roots.