Lady Gaga Premieres New Song At Paris Fashion Show

Only for Lady Gaga would we post an extremely low quality live video of a brief snippet of a remix to a song we haven’t even heard yet. But we know you little monsters will take what you can get from your Mama Monster — so take the jump and turn your speakers way, way up to sort of listen to a remixed version of a track from her new album, Born This Way, which Gaga premiered during Thierry Mugler’s fashion show in Paris today.

I’m the musical director for the MUGLER fashion show,” tweeted the Grammy nominee (and performer!), who was not present at the show — at least not on stage. “I’m remixing/previewing a record on Born This Way, tailored for the show + garments.”

It remains unclear of this is the title track from Born This Way or just another song featured on the LP, but the remix features Gaga chanting Mugler’s name repeatedly and saying something in German, which, according to Billboard, is something along the lines of “I am absolutely clear / As long as I’m a Monster / I wish we all could be blind / You’re amazing out there.”

First impressions, folks? We’ll update if we find any better quality vid.

UPDATE: Thanks to one of our commenters pointing this clip out — you can hear the song much clearer. Score!


  • Minsk

    may be a bit better quality is hear –

    • Becky Bain

      Thanks for the heads up! Much appreciated!

  • Minsk

    oh, forgotten=) i think it is amazing! but it`s just remix=) The original will be even greater!!! Gaga forefer=)

  • Brandon Hall

    Too soon to make a final judgement obviously but its intriguing I liked what I heard it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

    But those models have awful posture and couldn’t look more like they were rushing, seems very amateur-ish to have taken place in Paris