Natalia Kills Unplugs, Covers La Roux For Radio Hamburg

Speaking of black fur coats, Natalia Kills sported one for her performance on Radio Hamburg, dressed to the nines even for an audio appearance (the filming of this gig seems to have been a last-minute idea, judging from the quality). The “Raven”-loving songbird performed her single “Mirrors,” then covered La Roux’s “Bulletproof” backed only by a piano. Watch two killer performances right here.

Natalia Kills, “Mirrors” —

Natalia Kills, “Bulletproof” —

Turns out “Mirrors” is not nearly as terrifying absent the video’s trippy visuals. Actually, it’s quite beautiful, and Natalia delivers the vocals with lovely finesse. It’s nice to see the dark diva in this relatively stripped-down way.

And it was a nice bonus to hear the dancey “Bulletproof” with piano accompaniment, which transforms the tune into a totally different kind of song. Natalia’s girlish delivery of the chorus is an unexpected choice in what could have been a much angrier, moodier performance more in line with her image.