Robyn Shows Her Moves At The P3 Guld Awards

Last year Robyn thrilled the crowd at Sweden’s P3 Guld awards when she made a surprise cameo as Staygold performed their funky synth jam “Backseat.” This year the Grammy-nominated songstress did her own set, which included a medley of Body Talk tracks “We Dance To The Beat,  “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do” and upcoming single “Call Your Girlfriend.” Watch below.

“We Dance To The Beat / Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do / Call Your Girlfriend”

Speaking of award shows, check out photos of Robyn and the Swedish Grammys she won last week here.

  • ZMH

    it’s another reason why i like her so much. she is fun to watch, open to do those weird songs live (and do them well) while normal “singtress” don’t dare to put one into the album.