Preview Britney Spears’ Fame Comic Book—If You Dare! (PHOTOS)

They’re baaack! Bluewater Productions, creators of the Fame comic book series (a.k.a. Idolator’s biggest fail of 2010) has returned with their first disaster of 2011. Their victim this time: Britney Spears. Brit’s cover is hardly as awful as the “artistic” treatment Gaga got last year, the publishing house still managed to make the pop hottie look as though she was in need of some Botox (Seriously, are those crows feet? She’s 29!). The issue tells of the “Hold It Against Me” singer’s rise to stardom as richly told by someone who seems to have spent spent all of 90 seconds researching the record breaking songbird on Wikipedia. Click through for a preview of FAME: Britney Spears.