Holy $***: Ke$ha Being Sued For $14 Million

Jan 25th, 2011 // 8 Comments

Both Ke$ha and hit-making maestro Dr. Luke are looking at possible serious dings in their bank accounts after a lawsuit was filed against them last year by DAS Communications, former managers of the slutwave songstress. (And sorry, Kesh—but this isn’t going to do much to dissuade those Lady Gaga comparisons.) The firm is now asking the Manhattan court to speed up the ruling, according to E! Online, before Ke$ha’s career goes the way of of the D.I.N.O.S.A.U.R.

The Daily News reported last May that DAS signed Ke$ha back in 2006, when she was an unknown:

“Their agreement called for her to pay the New York-based firm 20 percent of her music income, but it gave her the option of ending the relationship if DAS didn’t get her a major-label record deal in a year, according to a copy of the contract attached to a lawsuit DAS filed Wednesday.

“A year later, there was no deal. DAS says Ke$ha waived the deadline, and the firm went on to line up a deal for her with Warner Bros. Records in 2008 — until Dr. Luke interfered with that arrangement and ‘induced, intimidated and convinced Ke$ha’ to cut ties to DAS in September 2008.”

Ke$ha subsequently went on to hit #1 on the Billboard Top 200 with her debut album Animal, and top the Hot 100 chart three times—as a featured artist on Flo Rida’s “Right Round,” and with her own singles “Tik Tok” and “We R Are Who We R.” Needless to say, Ke$ha eventually proved to be a hot pop commodity.

DAS is asking for $14 million from Ke$ha, as well as an additional $12 million from her producer Dr. Luke. E! Online now reports that the management company is requesting for the court to speed up its ruling because the singer is “is a very young and inexperienced artist whose ‘star’ may not continue to rise.”

What do you think—does DAS have a solid case against Ke$ha and Luke, or is the firm being shameless after smelling glitter-soaked $$$ in the water?

Further to that, do you believe, as DAS asserts, that the Cannibal singer’s career has cooled off?


  1. ZMH

    wow $14 million out of someone who’s only been around a little more than a year. guess now she’s really filthy rich…er, um, sorry i mean filthy AND rich.

  2. Azza

    First of all Ke$ha’s career/popularity is rising all the time… According to Billboard magazine she’s the Hot 100 Artist of the Year 2010 for goodness sake… She managed to get that title within less than a year from releasing her debut album ‘Animal’. She’s attracted DAS’s attention due to how well she’s doing and now the girl’s loaded they want a cut.

    DAS’s contract with Ke$ha was terminated when she decided to go back to work with Dr. Luke. Note I said ‘terminated’! DAS wants to claim money on a record deal they have nothing to do with… At the end of the day Ke$ha started making big bucks when she went back to Dr. Luke so if anyone is going to get a cut of what she’s earning then it should be him!!

    DAS say that Ke$ha “is a very young and inexperienced artist whose ’star’ may not continue to rise”… She’s getting bigger all the time!! Is this their way of saying unless you come back to us your career isn’t going to go any further or the fact they don’t have any faith in her to increase her success? In my opinion it seems like there’s bitterness that she’s finally making her money with a deal they’re not involved in.

    She has guidance to better her career. I guess it’s possible they don’t think Dr. Luke is good enough for her. Not only is she an artist with strong matters of opinions she won’t be pushed to do anything she doesn’t want to do which is rare for upcoming artists these days.

    Ke$ha is an honest singer/ songwriter who tells it how it is… People like honesty and the size of her INCREASING fan-base proves that, so DAS can take their comment that Ke$ha’s ‘star may not continue to rise’ and shove it as well as the lawsuit!! I’m sure there’s a lot more for me to say but I think I’ll stop here…

  3. PhilV

    the only accurate statement in this whole deal is that she “is a very young and inexperienced artist whose ’star’ may not continue to rise.” Hilarious and true.

  4. Jme†

    KE$HA is HAWT! Her freakin concert has sold out everywhere I cant even go see that Sleaze ugh heart broken lol but anywho yea that lawfirm needs to get real and drop the suit cause clearly there cause is whooomp! lame and redonk-ulous

  5. kesha kesha kesha is the best

  6. suzy

    She’s nothing like Gaga. Not one little bit.

    I don’t know what the comparison could be…is it seriously something as superficial as: Blonde, vagina-possessing pop star? Cause that’s about all they have in common.

  7. I bet she sure tastes good, that is all I will say…………

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