Jennifer Hudson’s Left With Broken Promises In “Where You At?”

Jennifer Hudson’s single “Where You At?”—the first offering from her sophomore album I Remember Meis now out and about, and it finds her sticking to classic (or is that dated?) R&B. While the title may conjure up images of J-Hud coordinating a night out with friends, the ballad (produced and co-written by R. Kelly) has the American Idol alum singing a much sadder tale about her man, who’s abandoned her one too many times in her hour of need. Jump below for a listen—and make sure to grab a tissue, because Oprah’s not going to be the only one sobbing at the sound of the Oscar winner’s soulful voice this time.

[wpaudio url="" text="Jennifer Hudson - Where You At" dl="0"]

Tell us what you think of the track below.

  • eyon

    The production on this song is just downright terrible and dated. It sounds like a b-side from toni braxton’s flop album from earlier last year. If this really is her first single I have serious doubts about the new album. Maybe she is more interested in her acting career.

  • norma

    All you HATERS are just lying through your teeth. Jhud is problemly the most talented female artist of our time. Do you people even know real music. Jennifer is putting it down on this track like the top notch singer she is rated to be(A-list). Why would you even try to compare anybody to a classic killer of all the great ones like a Jhud. I love Toni but less not go over board. Jhud is the best female vocalist in the business, and she takes a babck seat to no others. HATERS please get a life, because Jhud is living her to the fullest. WELCOME BACK BABYGIRL!!! I have already pre-ordered my cd copy.

  • Shaun

    This song is totally INCREDIBLE!!!! Jennifer’s voice is AWESOME….everything about this song is on point. LOVE IT!!!!!

  • kesha

    This song really spoke to me. A true artist…so excited about her new cd. I will definitely be purchasing this one. Much success to Jennifer Hudson!

  • zangura

    well. i like this

  • JJ

    The music industry should call her ‘The Voice’…

  • Cotten Kandi

    Jennifer looks so beautiful in her new music video for “Where You At” so happy she was able to comeback from the tragic murders in her family a couple years ago,

  • Elaine Stewart

    I love this song. Find it very intreging.