Jessie J Does It Like A New Yorker, Performs In Subway Station

New York transit riders got a refreshing break from some scruffy bum beating on an upside-down bucket when UK sensation Jessie J dropped by the Times Square subway station to deliver an informal performance of “Who You Are,” from the upcoming album of the same name. How did the songbird from across the pond fare on the mean streets of midtown Manhattan? Check it out after the jump.

No stranger to the city that never sleeps (where she also recently filmed a concert special), the beguiling BRIT Award-winner did not “Do It Like A Dude” whatsoever, instead delivering a lovely, raw, stripped-down performance of the track that more than proves she has the pipes to warrant our attention. It’s one thing to be a competent, confident live performer, but we give the Sound of 2011 singer even more props for daring to belt her heart out in this location, where people are generally more concerned with shoving past each other trying to get to work on time than stopping to hear the music.

Now we’re more eager than ever for the album’s April 12 debut in the U.S