Kid Cudi Previews Two New Wizard Songs

Rap Radar has posted a five-minute clip of Kid Cudi and his Wizard bandmate Dot Da Genius previewing two new songs from their upcoming album on Ustream. And while that may seem like a long time to carve out of your own busy schedule and watch, try to take into consideration the fact that the GQ model/rapper-turned-rocker was apparently online interacting with fans for a grand total of seven hours—on his 27th birthday, no less! Listen below.

At times, it’s hard to make out exactly how the songs sound in the clip. Rap Radar notes that the first track previewed is upcoming Wizard single “Perfect Is The Word,” while a YouTube viewer commented that the second one is called “Rocket.”

From what you’ve heard, are you digging Cudder’s change in musical direction?

  • Anthony

    Cudder musical genius doesn’t stop within genres, Im loving both but especially the snippet of Rocket

  • Clementa

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  • Snape what.

    I’m a little confused
    I’ve been hearing rumors that kid cudis new album “wizard” is coming out this summer- is it really called that? Is it confirmed that its release will be of this year?

  • Christopher

    where do you find the snippet of “Rocket”?!?!?