Rihanna Parodies The Paparazzi In Her Raunchy “S&M” Video

Feb 1st, 2011 // 17 Comments

Rihanna is taken prisoner and has insulting words literally hurled at her by the paparazzi in her Melina Matsouka-directed “S&M” music video. We’d already seen glimpses of several looks RiRi sports in the clip for the Stargate/Sandy Vee-produced dance-pop jam. Now head below to watch the slick finished product.

Ah, the age-old—or at least music-video-age-old—concept of a pop star lashing out at his or her critics while drawing a metaphor for sadomasochism. We won’t tell Rihanna that Madonna already made this video back in 1995, and that it’s called “Human Nature,” if you won’t. (Though, we admit, Madge’s now-classic vid, directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, was far less colorful.)

That said, Rihanna looks like she’s having a grand old time here, strutting around in her giant red wig, wearing latex while chomping on pink popcorn and brandishing sex toys to punish her press captors with once she turns the tables on them.

What do you think—is “S&M” a scandalous and titillating affair that’s one of Rihanna’s best videos yet, or have you seen it all before?


  1. tammy

    krazy vid…absolutely luv RiRi! shes so awesome and talented –that Rihanna reighn just wont let up! <3

    PS: ive got a girl crush!!!

  2. love riri

    cute. but i thought it was supposed to be raunchy. its sexy dressed up in colorful, pop confectionary. doesn’t compare to Madonna’s Erotica, Justify My Love or Human Nature. Of course you see those influences in this video.

  3. The song itself is garbage, the video to me has almost no similarities with Human Nature other then the way they cut certain bits together fast paced like.. The video is pretty but boring and the fact that Perez Hilton is in it doesn’t help it one bit and as for vocals go… We wont even go there.


  5. Zachary

    Seen it ALL before–and much better. It’s a good song and a fun video, but too much time was spent showing Perez Hilton grasping desperately for relevancy. Add that to the awkward coloration and camera angles, and the whole thing kind of looks like 1990′s Nickelodeon threw up on Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight.”

  6. Dan Tralder

    Agreed, Zach. I won’t comment on the song (I’m not qualified), but the video was just a crapload of awkward: the colorations don’t add anything, and the camera angles are like Anthony Dod Mantle regurgitated…. multiple times. I agree with you on the similarity (in content and quality) to Not Myself Tonight.

    Just generally awful, like most of the mainstream videos these last two months. Where’s Missy Elliot when you need her?

  7. its me

    Damn i thought it was going to be WAY different reading different blog comments. It was a colorful, ok video. Not racy AT ALL!! And not desperate like Not Myself Tonight. It was just ok, I think i expected more/too much. Yes the subject matter has been done over and over again before.

    I loved Human Nature video from Madonna, that was definitely one of my favorite songs and videos from Madonna. Madonna did recieve loads of negative press ( she brought it on herself though) and was far more “outrageous” than Rihanna is, so I understand Madonna’s middle finger to the media, etc. Rihanna gets negative comments on certain blog sites but generally the press views her as pretty non- threatning.

  8. chee chee

    To those who said it is not Madonna, it is not supposed to be this is Rihanna.
    And I am glad she keep it sort of classy, not slutie, but taseful. Ri Ri is doing her own thing.

  9. lovecb

    As Far as Madonna @chee chee her videos are not slutty but u can tell its real…If u didnt explain what this Video is About i would not have understood it..its just would have looked like a person playing around with some s&m stuff or making fun of s&m …..i dont like the song or video she is not talented to me….and i really dont like Perez Hilton….but then again he put ppl down alot..like there is nothing wrong with his nasty looking self

  10. jazzelle


  11. laura

    yall r nuts…SHES FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

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  13. ally

    im sorry but disagree about the classy thing. the song is about her likeing naughty sex umm hello NOT classy AT ALL. and all in all rihanna is just not a classy girl. she poses herself like a slut.. but i guess thats just my opinion.

  14. Kar

    Arguably the most un-sexy video I have ever seen. It is more like one of the most annoying videos I have seen this year.

  15. N

    looks like a crappy spice girls video.

  16. The Truth

    She just wants to bone in all her songs…

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