Lady Gaga & Elton John’s Version Of “Hello Hello” Nixed From ‘Gnomeo’ Soundtrack

Little Monsters have been anxiously awaiting “Hello Hello,” the duet between Elton John and Lady Gaga that was thought to be appearing on the Gnomeo And Juliet soundtrack (which is out February 8). But it turns out that the version of the song featuring the two flamboyant pals will only appear in the movie, and not on the official soundtrack released. Listen to a clip of “Hello Hello” (sans Gaga) below.

The Elton-only version of the song is the one that’s being released commercially. A spokeswoman for Buena Vista Records confirmed the duet is only in the film and wouldn’t be released on radio, notes the Press Association. Gaga’s label declined to comment.

Sigh. Well, maybe people will just be happy with settling for the Elton/Nelly Furtado cover of “Crocodile Rock.” Anyone?

Here’s a clip of “Hello Hello”:

[wpaudio url="" text="Elton John - Hello Hello (short clip)" dl="0"]

We’re expecting thousands of Monsters activating their Voice Memos apps in movie theaters once Gnomeo hits the big screen on February 13.

  • Jake

    I bet Gaga wouldnt allow it she is soo stuck up!

  • Al3OMT

    That is so freaking SLEAZY! It’s so unfair to make people go to a movie to hear a song by their idol and not put it on the soundtrack on purpose just for sales of the movie. SLEAZY JERKS! >O

  • K. Lyn

    Ah, label politics. Aren’t they fun? Unfortunately, I would have bought the song and have no interest in seeing the movie, so I’ll see you on

  • Alissa

    She actually would allow it the song is going to be on the movie with or without her, She is the exact opposite.

  • colin

    yes, i would think she would have allowed it. one possibility is that her label or management decided not to allow it – thereby making people who want to spend money on gaga to buy a gaga record.

    but the more likely “label politics” scenario is: disney didn’t want her on it [the soundtrack cd] as they’ll be selling the cd to parents with kids and gaga has a controversial image [in the minds of some conservative folks].

  • Magnolia

    Reg, darling, you’d make more money with Lady G selling it. Why so pretentious? You have your place in the heart of fame….let GaGa make hers, and cash in on it like the rest of rock royalty.

  • Steve Maverick

    YAY. They’ve released the duet! :)
    It’s all over YouTube now. :D