Katy Perry Flexes Her Comedy Muscle In Two ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Preview Clips

Would Katy Perry’s guest-starring turn on How I Met Your Mother convince the public she’s more than just a pop song-singing whip cream canon, but also a comedic actress? Or would TV viewers demand that Russell Brand give his wife some lessons in the art of telling a joke? Well, now we know — two preview clips have been released of the Grammy nominee‘s performance on the show, and it’s just what we expected: boobs, doe eyes, and Perry’s super positive energy. But can she act? Take the jump to judge for yourself.

These previews are kind of uncomfortable to watch, since the laugh track hasn’t been added yet. Plus, Katy’s really just there to look hot and be perky and talk in a baby voice. Basically — be herself. (Hey, at least Britney wore glasses and seemed to be playing a character other than herself during her guest-starring appearance!)

But Perry does seem like she’s trying, so we won’t be too harsh. And “Long story short — I’m gonna be on Lost!” is a pretty funny line.

What’s hotter — Katy Perry making bedroom eyes at Neil Patrick Harris, or rubbing up against Mr. Burns?