Willow Smith Struts Behind-The-Scenes Of Her ‘Teen Vogue’ Shoot

Apparently, you do not need to be a teen in order to grace the pages of Teen Vogue. 10-year old Willow Smith gets interviewed by the teen mag, talking about her insta-hit “Whip My Hair”, what’s on her playlist (Ke$ha, Kid Cudi and Kanye) and her favorite song by her dad (“Parents Just Don’t Understand”, she says, “because sometimes they don’t”). Jump below to check out lil Will chillin’ out behind-the-scenes of her Teen Vogue shoot.

It’s a cute clip of the “21st Century Girl” in action, but our favorite part is when she reads Eat Pray Love. We’re sure a 10-year old can relate to going through a divorce and traveling abroad to find oneself after a nervous breakdown.

Picture 2 And as for the meaning behind her hit song, “Whipping your hair means not being afraid to be yourself,” Willow explains. “If people don’t like you, then bunck them, you know?”

“Bunck”? Is this how she gets around cursing in the Pinkett-Smith household?

Read her entire interview here.