Justin Bieber Meets One Less Lonely Psycho Stalker On ‘SNL’

The ubiquitous Justin Bieber popped up on the tube yet again last night, proving that rumors of a “surprise” SNL appearance while the young star was in town were not unfounded (despite it being past his core fanbase’s bedtime). In a twist on his homicidal star turn on CSI, it’s Bieber who plays the innocent victim in this sketch, a parody of the Leighton Meester thriller The Roommate featuring Andy Samberg as – you guessed it! – a pretty wacky character. Watch here.

Bieber remains deadpan and merely annoyed throughout, even as “the roommate” brings home dead rats and wields a knife in the nude. Perhaps because, if Letterman did a “Top Ten Reasons It’s Not Fun to Be Justin Bieber,” dealing with fans like this would probably be #1.