Kanye West Is So Money On The Cover Of ‘V MAN’ Mag

Feb 8th, 2011 // Comment

The only way to make Kanye West shut up is to stuff money in his mouth, and that’s exactly what the editors of V Man magazine did. They also hired some indifferent-looking models to stuff actual one dollar bills into Yeezy’s maw. Unfortunately, only one out of every ten copies includes the real-life moolah, so commence your Willy Wonka-esque search for the Golden Ticket magazine at your local newsstand.

West was photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and is donned in Louis Vuitton. Naturally.

VMAN 21 ASSEMBLY LINE from V Magazine on Vimeo.

Don’t know where to pick up V Man in your area? No worries! You can buy this issue online for $10 (plus $5 S&H). So, if you’re lucky enough to get an issue with two one-dollar bills included, you’re only out $13. What a steal.

Here are two more inside pics of ‘Ye outlined in a rainbow. (Click photo for larger image.)

vman-issue-21-kanye-west-4 vman-issue-21-kanye-west-6

[V Man]


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