Britney Spears Is About Face In Her 7th “Hold It Against Me” Video Teaser

Feb 10th, 2011 // 7 Comments

So far in Britney’s 43 teaser clips for the “Hold It Against Me” video (oh, okay okay—six teaser clips), we’ve seen microphones, confetti, video monitors showing Brit’s old vids and the singer herself posing on a stage flanked by a group of dancers. But in the latest one, we get to see the iconic pop songstress staring straight into the camera. How do we, the public, perceive Britney Spears? How does the media (i.e. the bundle of mics surrounding her) view her? Oh, Britney, what a tangled web we have all weaved for you. Watch below.

  1. I’m sick of this, if this video doesn’t blow my mind she will be forever discarded. These teasers are pretentious and annoying!

    By the time they release this video the single will probably have fallen out the top ten, as its just hanging on now. Not to mention her competition gearing up to release a single tomorrow! I don’t think this long build up was very well thought out

    Will it be worth it.

  2. I agree entirely… Britney’s losing control of her career and third, fourth or nth, comeback… It will be all Gaga from tomorrow on…

  3. Preston

    Obviously it will be worth it. Britney has been in this business so much longer than Gaga, and she will be here after the Gaga fad dies. She knows how to sell and she has always been on top because she’s Britney Spears. She’s past the point of needing to make a “comeback,” because she’s never really left. She isn’t JLo, she isn’t Xtina, she isn’t Jessica Simpson. She’s Britney and her songs, her image, her style will always be legendary like that of Michael Jackson. It’s not an opinion, it’s fact. Britney, her music, and her videos are all sellable and attractive to a huge group of people just like MJ, where as Gaga’s style is too outrageous/attention-seeking. I applaud Gaga for having the bravery that she does, but unfortunately I don’t think Born This Way is going to do well as I have read the lyrics. The world (USA especially) isn’t ready to receive an album that is so blatantly GLBT. I predict that this will cause more issues with GLBT and people talking negatively about GLBT because it’s going to be mainstream now. You have the religious right, the south, so many people that believe it’s evil that we will see how not accepting the USA really is regarding GLBT people. If people were ready for it, gay marriage would not be continuously shot down by voters.

    That said, I am gay myself and I am afraid for this song to come out because a lot of boys in middle and high schools are going to make fun of it thus making fun of GLBT people. Not a very smart move at this time, Gaga.

  4. Brunno

    Britney is really really really better than Gaga

  5. me

    gaga is jelous.

  6. Ashley

    I don’t think so, asshole.

  7. Albert

    I am quite amused by the incessant shouting out of ‘who’s better’. Britney’s best, no Gaga is, no Jlo is the best , no Michael is the best … etc etc. Awards for best song and best album probably contributes to the notion that x is better than y, but it never really progresses to more than a storm in a teacup. A very small teacup, at that. However, the wonderful, insightful and rich banter – such as on this page – just adds to the stimulating debate around it all, doesn’t it? Such thought provoking comment ought to be bundled, published and saved for posterity, to show the world what the finest repartee in the known universe looks like.

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