Lady Gaga Expresses Herself In New Single “Born This Way”

Feb 11th, 2011 // 28 Comments

We’ve obsessed about it since she sang the chorus at last September’s VMAs. We’ve read the lyrics. We’ve even heard Justin Bieber’s tragic version on Ellen. But it’s time to hear the real thing! This morning, Lady Gaga debuted the lead single from her third studio album, “Born This Way” (due to drop May 23), a song Elton John calls “the new gay anthem” of our times. What are you waiting for, an invitation? Fine — Idolator cordially invites you to jump below and listen to Gaga’s new track on repeat.

Today marks not only the release of Gaga’s new single, but the one year anniversary of the death of Alexander McQueen, Gaga’s close friend and designer of many of the outfits she’s worn in her videos and on the red carpet.

[wpaudio url="" text="Lady Gaga - Born This Way" dl="0"]

Lady Gaga said she wrote the song in ten minutes, referring to her experience as an “immaculate conception.” Interesting choice of workds, since we really hear Madonna in this song (specifically her 1989 hit “Express Yourself”).

Is this song powerful enough to become Billboard‘s 1000th #1 hit? Throw us your initial thoughts of Gaga’s new tune in the comments below.


  1. Gaga is a brave woman. I’ve seen the size of Madonna’s arms, and, personally, I would not have done anything to piss her off.

  2. Emma

    I LOOOOOVE GaGa!!!!

  3. worst lady gaga song to date.

  4. I love Gaga’s music but Im not feeling this song at all, whatsoever

  5. cool tune
    … but it’s not anywhere close to what pokerface or bad romance or paparazzi have done to music things

    ps// I would appreciate Idolator ur honest review
    since I do remember you calling every christina’s attempt a failure even before u hear it or see it so what about this….is it worth the hype?

    • Hey, we loved a few of Christina’s songs on ‘Bionic’ – just not the majority of them. (IMO, the Sia-written songs were the best, and “You Lost Me” is one of my personal favorite songs from last year.) ‘Burlesque’, well, we’ve said enough about ‘Burlesque’ on this site. In regards to “Born This Way”, we’ll probably give our review for it once we get Madonna’s “Express Yourself” out of our head.

  6. Mariano

    The song gets better and bigger in every listen and you you change your idea about the song most of people who say they don’t like it is becouse they didn’t heart it enough times and loud enough..really..

  7. steven

    thats absolute bull…to even compare this track to Kesha or even Katy who has some decent stuff is ignorant and ridiculous.GAGA has quality songs that she produces…se doesnt record crap…thats not part of her vocabulary…you may not like it…the sound, production whatever…but to call it disposable when the themes discussed are so very important…can u not read? These lyrics are so full of meaning and actual importance…

  8. RYK101

    no no and NO
    gaga fans you love her we get it
    you will get her back, yes

    but Alex and all the other of course Madonna inspires every other artist she is the QUEEN of pop and she fought so new artists could born and sing songs like this
    but the fact here is THIS IS NOT ORIGINAL

    and as you said this would be a song just another one but the fact YOU GAGA and THE MEDIA said this would be amazing, epic, original, groundbreaking

    well it is NOT

    it is bland song that could make it to #1 but just for her fanbase, cause the song is not good it’s meh, so far britney is winning

  9. Jim

    What a horrible song, I hate it.

  10. why gaga

    i love gaga but this song suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks!!!!

  11. jonh

    you know what In my personal opinion is the that Gaga said the she is Original But I just heard that song and she sucks is definitely like Madonna it sound little like that and those outfits the she wear before ,even on her concerts she copy Kylie minogue ,Madonna ,she is just little stupid saying the she is so Original please guys open your eyes and see more clear on everything ,little Monsters jajajajajajaja,

  12. dmar

    “I was born this way, HEY. I was born this way, HEY.”

    Well you can definitely tell she wrote this in 10 minutes. This song is horrible. The beats and rhythm are rehashed and have been done before. The lyrics are mundane at best. I almost fell asleep listening to this. Maybe if I was at a club popping lsd and dancing around with a glow stick I would ‘get it’. Nonetheless I don’t. There is nothing original about this. If you can’t be original as an artist, what’s the point? I might as well just pull out some Madonna tracks.

  13. april

    I like the song… but I think it’s a total rip off! The first time I heard it, I thought “express yourself” was coming on! WOW.. really. MAdonna is a billion times better than Gaga and she proves that by stealing from her!

  14. Me again Margret

    I think it took her ten minutes to write it because she was listening to Madonna and exchanged the words. There may be a few cord changes but it the same freakin song… who is she going to rip off next? What is she a cover band exchanging words.

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