Sean Garrett And J. Cole “Feel Love” In Their New Video

Not long ago, songwriter Sean Garrett was churning out tunes for other artists, including Usher, Jesse McCartney, and Britney Spears. He’s also collaborated with Swizz Beatz to produce some of Beyonce’s biggest hits and backed up the Harajuku Barbie herself in her “Massive Attack” vid (sans shirt). But now, Garrett is putting himself front and center in his compositions, particularly with his new video for “Feel Love,” featuring J. Cole. Is Garrett as dynamic in front of the camera as all the major stars he’s collaborated with? See for yourself after the jump.

“Feel Love” takes the classic “music video as short film” approach, with opening credits, a dialogue-driven intro that sets up the dilemma (Garrett’s with the Wrong Girl), and then a confrontational interlude in which the Right Girl tells Garrett his woman is unfaithful and confesses her love, all while coming across as angry enough to pull a Nicki Minaj on him. And of course, there’s some all-too-obvious product placement, too — we see a Remy Martin close-up for so long, we can practically read what proof it is.

Sean Garrett feat. J. Cole – “Feel Love”

The storyline is nothing we haven’t seen in a million R&B videos, though a few artsy black-and-white shots are just classy enough not to feel like filler. At least it’s a step up from the songwriter-turned-singer’s immature, high school-set “Get It All” vid (another duet with Minaj). Garrett has a smooth, charming presence that works well to balance out the love story’s soap opera-quality melodrama. And J. Cole’s appearance gives the song a nice jolt of energy, too.

Overall, we feel only mild like (at best) for “Feel Love,” but it’s a worthy effort from a rising artist who hopefully has more exciting and original videos in his immediate future.