Britney Spears Beats Herself To The Punch In Latest “Hold It Against Me” Teases

Feb 12th, 2011 // 3 Comments

Another day, another piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” video. As a refresher, here’s the sum total of what we learned from the first seven teasers: Britney Spears exists. But now that we’re two days closer to an actual, honest-to-god music video that is not over in the time it takes a hummingbird to flap its wings, is Brit-Brit playing a little less coy? Well, kind of. Could it be a coincidence that the most intriguing clip yet dropped just as Gaga’s “Born This Way” was eating up all the attention? We doubt it! Check out the latest teases below.

To be honest, with all of yesterday’s Gaga hoopla, we kind of forgot about poor Britney. Too bad, since Teaser #8 provided the most tantalizing glimpse yet as to what this video might be about. In the clip, we see (what appears to be) Britney throwing a punch that sends (what appears to be) another version of Britney flying to the floor. This image of the dueling Spearses feels right at home with other glimpses of cameras and microphones hinting that “Hold It Against Me” will deal heavily with Britney’s public image and the price of celebrity.

It is interesting to note that Britney released a video of herself clocking a faceless blonde pop star the same day Lady Gaga released her equally-hyped new single, but perhaps we’re reading into it. Either way, many fans are pitting Britney and Gaga against each other as to whose video and album will be better, especially since both “Hold It Against Me” and “Born This Way” have proven polarizing.

Unfortunately, with today’s tease, the strawberry Frappuccino-guzzling vanilla candle-lover goes back to giving us almost nothing — a lot of lights and camera, but no action. Just a shot of Brit and the backup dancers we already saw in Teaser #4.

The best thing about Teaser #9? The countdown at the end is one number lower, so we’re that much closer to the day we can stop scrutinizing these snippets and just be entertained by a full-length video, which by that point will probably feel like Gone With The Wind in comparison.


  1. If Britney really intended for that clip to be some type of innuendo towards Lady Gaga I would forever idolize her, how deliciously catty would that be? The very idea gets my adrenaline pumping, yes Britney let’em know who owns the throne.

    Does that make me sound like a fan? Nevertheless if this video turns out to be a crapfest I will be headlining the “Britney is over” bandwagon express Tour.

  2. Mike

    Is really innovador Britney pop
    Music excellent for this 2011!
    not copy!
    More more congratulations & Greeting Britney !

  3. tori

    Yes Britney Spears more better then lady gaga,
    and hold it against me more better then born this way

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