Preview Justin Bieber On ‘Conan’

Tonight, Justin Bieber will make his first late night television appearance since his Grammy loss to She Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken for Best New Artist. We got to preview the Never Say Never star’s interview with Conan O’Brien live and in person — and let’s just say that after tonight, we doubt that Peeps marshmallow candies are still JB’s favorite sweet treat. Jump below to peep the aftermath of the “Baby” singer’s Conan visit.

Don’t ask us how, but Idolator had a special chance to catch the a live taping of Bieber on Conan (Ed note: HE’S SO TINY!). We can share a few details: Justin spent most of his time backstage in his private dressing room (door closed) off of the green room. We’re assuming that JB is taking his first loss — possibly ever — to heart. When he did emerge to greet Conan on stage, the Biebs was gracious but fast on his feet, going joke for joke with Coco. While the Canadian sensation was clearly in on the Peeps joke, it seemed he didn’t anticipate what hundreds of sugar dusted candies could do to his signature shag hairdo and swagger coach-approved outfit. Obviously the 16-year-old pop star is on a tight schedule, leaving before the taping was over. So, sadly, we never got to even ask him to be our Valentine.

Catch Bieber at 11pm EST tonight on TBS.