Katy Perry Joins The Alien Nation With Kanye West On Set Of “E.T.” Video

Feb 15th, 2011 // 3 Comments

Katy Perry has announced that her next single will be the intergalactic love song “E.T.”, or rather, a remix of her Teenage Dream track featuring a verse by Kanye West. The Grammy performer uploaded a pic of her and West on set of the single’s video, and we think the Glee-adored pop star looks more Cirque Du Soliel than outer space here. Still, we’re looking forward to the vid, and fully expect to see comets shooting out of Perry’s chest.


  1. Al3OMT

    Oh please no. Hasn’t Kanye West already messed up music enough?! This is my favorite Katy Perry song and I don’t want him to ruin this great song.

  2. TryDifferentJokes

    Kanye West messed up music? Obviously, as you’re a Katy Perry fan, you probably know NOTHING about music what so ever.

    Kanye released THE most critically acclaimed album of 2010 (go look it up) while Katy Perry is famous for her looks (let’s be honest here).

  3. Al3OMT

    Ok. I may have exaggerated a bit and yes he is talented and yes he can rap and all that, but seriously, for some people, it’s just annoying to hear about him and just hear him and I’m one of those people. That’s why I put that there. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have. Happy?

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