Katy Perry Beams Kanye West Into Her “E.T.” Mix

Someone at Katy Perry’s label (or perhaps the unlucky-in-Grammy girl herself) apparently felt it necessary to tack a couple raps by Kanye West onto the singer’s fourth Teenage Dream single “E.T.” As we saw yesterday, the Platinum-selling pair have been busy shooting the intergalactic Max Martin/Dr. Luke-produced jam‘s music video. Now hear the souped-up version of “E.T.” with Kanye West in the mix below.

“I got a dirty mind, I got filthy ways / I’m trying to bathe my egg in your milky way,” sleazy Kanye warns in the intro to “E.T.” Later in the song, he adds, “Tell me what’s next, alien sex? I’m-a disrobe you, then I’m-a probe you.”

Thanks for that, Kanye. We’ll be over there barfing in our space suits.

[wpaudio url="http://cdn.idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Katy-Perry-feat-Kanye-West-ET.mp3" text="Katy Perry feat. Kanye West - E.T." dl="0"]

So far Perry has landed her first three singles off her latest album—”California Gurls,” “Teenage Dream” and “Firework”—at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. So it’s somewhat confusing why anyone felt it necessary to throw a rap onto what is sure to be her latest Top 10 single.

Ultimately, Kanye doesn’t really add anything here. And he’s certainly done far better.

Do you think “E.T.” needed a rap for its single mix?

  • http://-- jorge

    E.T. was better when he sings alone katy

  • Chris

    not at all. As soon as I found out this was her next single I got so damn excited. Then I heard this… It ruined the damn song.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Williams/2403416 Adam Williams

    it’s terrible both ways.

  • ELmo

    WOW bad idea to add a rap in this great song…..Katy plzzz reconsider it,

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aaron-Howard/1541062710 Aaron Howard

    Wow, um, I guess the question here is Why? E.T. was a great song as is and really didn’t a kanye rap added to it. The into doesn’t really grab you into the song and the second rap really isn’t Kanye’s greatest work. (This is the second time he screwed up one of my favorite pop songs. “In for the Kill feat. Kanye? A disaster!) Its a shame that Katy had to do this. Hopefully (maybe) the music video will make up for it.

    • Becky Bain

      Well, in the case of La Roux, we get it – they need more exposure, and adding Kanye to their single gives them that. As for Katy, my only guess is they don’t truly believe in the song and thought it needed a boost to build buzz. Personally, I would have gone with “Peacock” as the next single from ‘Teenage Dream’, followed by “Not Like The Movies”.

      • http://www.vertigoshtick.com vertigoshtick

        I’m not sure it’s so much about not believing in the song…by the time you’re at a fourth single it’s not going to do much for album sales, and she’s on tour now so it’s really just place filler. I think the rap is there to allow the single to have a digital aspect at all, instead of basically airplay only because if you just release the album track as a single, no one who’s bought the album will buy it again.

  • Rezzy

    A totally agree! Why did La Roux allow Kanye to ruin such a great song??? Same with Katy Perry. It’s just really sad that this is happening to what might have been a great single.

  • Al3OMT

    Oh well there’s go her chance at this song being number 1. WHY WOULD YOU LET THAT IDIOT CHANGE ONE OF YOUR BEST SONGS EVER?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lus-Leadingup/100001959577259 Lus Leadingup

    Kanye’s verses are very unimpressive in this song. I read them here: http://bit.ly/eqSU7S What do u guys think?

  • JBalI17

    Let me say this much. Kanye West’s presence on the song is the difference between Katy Perry getting airplay on Top 40 & Urban radio, versus KP only getting play on Top 40. I’m sorry, but considering urban radio is still one of the top 2 stations in every major market, adding Kanye was a smart move. How the heck do you think her songs become Top 10? Get more stations playing it…

  • phey

    omg i love this song so much and rap by Kanye. omg. what the hell were they think. the song is just as great as it is. eww to the rap ill day

  • mikal

    Her company had to change that song a little bit (remix it with Kanye), because the melody on the track was too similar to the melody used in the song “All The Things They She Said” by Russian band t.A.T.u and some people noticed it ;) They are trying to avoid accusations of plagiarism this way.

  • Cherry

    Funny that’s what I thought too!… This just reminds me of t.A.T.u, can’t get past that.

  • http://idolator d.c prince

    well i liked the song and any can criticizethe song but its in the top 10 on the billboard so ur opinion kinda dont mean anything

  • joe

    when he says “i’m trying to bathe my egg in your milky way”, i can’t help but think biologically that’s the opposite, no? Milky way = sperm?, hence Kanye should have said “i’m trying to bathe my milky way in your egg?”. Yet he says “my egg” which is saying he’s a female? Dumb rapper.