Lady Gaga Gets Emotional In ’60 Minutes’ Interview Outtakes

Feb 18th, 2011 // 2 Comments

Lady Gaga’s 60 Minutes interview revealed quite a bit about the pop singer, but there’s only so much you can cram into a 12-minute television segment. The crew handpicked their moments with Gaga from 15 hours of footage shot in Milan, London and New York over the span of three months, so naturally, there’s plenty that didn’t make the cut. Thankfully, we have the following 60 Minutes Overtime clip, where some Gaga gems can see the light of day — specifically, one intimate moment of the Grammy winner in tears on the steps of her old apartment.

Other awesome highlights include a peek into Gaga’s below-stage dressing room — so tiny she has to duck to get inside! (How she can move in there while wearing any of her pairs of dangerously high platforms is beyond us.) But the most captivating scene is seeing Ms. Germanotta break down when Anderson Cooper asks her if she always imagined it would work out. (Jump to 1:25 to watch.)

“I mean, just looking at these cameras and this hallway, its just like… I never thought about it, Anderson,” says whispers out between years. “I never thought if it would work out or not. I just love it. And to see these lights and these cameras in this hallway is validation for me of years and years of struggle and passion.”

Gaga’s certainly overworking her tear ducts recently! But honestly, why on earth did 60 Minutes not include this emotional, genuine scene in their original interview? You’d think filming one of the biggest stars on earth having a tearful, dramatic moment on camera would be like hitting the jackpot, no?


  1. DD

    Yeah, why didn’t they include that?

  2. Scott

    They thought the tears were preplanned, not genuine, here’s my sad roots cue the tears.

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