Jessie J Is No “Casualty Of Love” In Her New Single

Feb 20th, 2011 // 4 Comments

Fans who know Jessie J by her playful “Price Tag” or the rambunctious “Do It Like A Dude” can now add a slow-jam piano ditty to their mental catalog of the UK songbird’s tunes. The public transportation patron has let loose her next U.S. single “Casualty of Love,” an R&B number about inner strength that showcases both Jessie J’s powerhouse vocals and songwriting abilities. Head below to check out the softer, more heartbroken side of the black-lipstick-loving diva.

We have nothing bad to say about this lovely little track, which sounds like something Jennifer Hudson might belt over the closing credits of a Nicholas Sparks movie. In other words, while we admire the craftsmanship of both the songwriting and singing, we’re afraid this may be too tepid to make much of a splash as a single.

So far, the tracks we’ve heard from Jessie J are all wildly different in terms of sound and message, which makes us wonder which variation is going to click best with stateside listeners as we await the U.S. release of Who You Are.

What do you think? Is “Casualty of Love” up to snuff with Jessie J’s other singles? Or did you prefer another incarnation of this sonic chameleon?

  1. Shannon

    I like it… she’s so different i’m not normally in to chart music but I think Jessie j is something different nothing like the mass produced pop autotune there is so much of today… and she can sing live. A great role moddle for up coming artists

  2. purplekiss

    Its Good, Matter Fact its Great !!! It makes me an emotional mess but yet super strong when I listen… Goose bumps…

  3. red

    Don’t like her at all and this is so dated sounding and boring.

  4. ZMH

    she’s the whole pacakge. and i don’t know why i just can’t comment from any of my cells.

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