Eminem Reaches One Billion On YouTube

Who needs a Grammy for Album of the Year when you have pageviews? Eminem has been named the third artist —  and the first rapper — to have his videos reach a billion views on YouTube. Em is right behind social media king Justin Bieber and the First Lady of Twitter and Facebook, Lady Gaga. Rihanna comes in fourth with 979,000,000, so it won’t be long before she’s in the Billionaires Club, too. (We’re sure that push of being in “Love The Way You Lie” certainly helped.) [FameCount]

  • Mark

    He wasn’t seen by a billion people. He has a billion hits to his videos. Many of those are “repeat customers” and are not unique views. How can you not report this accurately?

    • Becky Bain

      Too busy watching “My Name Is” video on repeat. We’ve rephrased. Thanks!

  • John

    Youtube: Most viewed music videos – alltime


  • shakevan

    So what happened to Shakira. How come all of you media outlets are forgetting that she reach 1 billion views a few weeks back and she is actually the 3rd artist, not Eminem, to reach that landmark. I’m beginning to thing this is a racial issue and she is being overlooked because she is hispanic.